International Dinner Exposes Others to Diversity

November 15, 2011

More than 175 people attended the University of Mount Union’s Association of International Students’ (AIS) annual international dinner on Saturday, November 12 on campus.
The dinner featured a variety of cultural dishes including pinchos and tapas from Spain, harusame salad from Japan, egg drop soup from China, chicken cordon bleu from France, Scottish beef stew from Scotland and paella from Spain. Dessert consisted of coconut mango sticky rice from Thailand and tiramisu from Italy.
International dinner attendees also enjoyed many forms of entertainment throughout the night from members of AIS. Everything from piano and vocal performances and a traditional Russian dance to a skit about shopping in Russia and the United States, the night exposed individuals to a variety of cultures, languages and values. In addition, selected participants had the opportunity to have a word of their choice written in one of seven different languages by Mount Union community members.

International Dinner 2011

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