International Student Welcome Reception Held

April 08, 2010

The office of international student affairs at Mount Union College hosted the International Student Welcome Reception on Sunday, August 7 in the Campus Grounds.
The purpose of the annual reception is for new and returning international students to interact with each other, their community friends and College faculty and staff. Gayle Shaker, director of the office of international student affairs, works closely with the community to pair students with individuals that have similar interests.

These community friends serve as a network of support for international students. "The friends often invite students to their homes," Shaker said. "They offer them a way to see life outside of the campus."

President Jack and Cynthia Ewing attended the reception and President Ewing offered remarks. He talked about the importance of community friends in the lives of the students and the importance of having international students on campus. Their presence helps American students become aware of the diversity in the world.

Shaker appreciates the opportunity to connect with others that the reception offers. She is also glad that it comes early in the school year. "Many of the international students are only here for a year, so we had to get started as quickly as possible," she said.

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