International Students Checklist

File the International Student Financial Aid Application
(Application available for F-1 Degree-Seeking Students)

  • Be sure to complete the International Student Financial Aid Application if you have not done so already! More information can be found online on Mount Union’s Student Financial Service webpage.

  • If needed, you can also contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (330) 823-2674 to make an on-campus or phone appointment to get all your financial aid award questions answered.

 Pay Your Deposit!

  • Pay your deposit today to start getting information about preparation for the fall as well as a fun Mount Union gift. Plus, paying your deposit opens the door to all the next steps in becoming a Purple Raider!

Once Your Deposit is Paid

 Regularly Check Your Email Address

  • Once your deposit is paid, information will regularly be sent to your Mount Union email address. This is how you will get almost all information from the University, so be sure to check that address often!

Choose Your Meal Plan

  • First year students are able to choose from two meal plans. Be sure to complete the meal plan form in MyHousing when you complete your housing forms!

Complete Your Health Center forms

View International Student Insurance Coverage Details

  • All international students (degree-seeking, exchange students and teaching assistants) are covered under the required University-sponsored international student insurance policy. As you and your family are investigating coverage plans from your home country, you may have questions related to your student coverage. Please select "University of Mount Union - International" here to view coverage details.
Send Your AP and/or University Transcripts
(This includes English as a Second Language ESL Programs, Certificate Programs, Diploma Programs and all Credit and Non-credit Programs completed after high school.)
  • We must receive AP test scores directly from College Board, the group who administers these tests. The scores are available online at starting in July. You must order an official transcript from the college or university that offered that credit. All scores and transcripts should be sent to Mount Union’s Office of International Recruitment and Admission.

Send Your Final Transcript to the Office of International Recruitment and Admission

  • Send your final high school transcript to Mount Union’s Office of International Recruitment and Admission when it is available.

Complete and Return Your Financial Responsibility Agreement

  • This form, which you will receive in May, is a financial agreement between you and Mount Union, and it tells the Office of Business Affairs how you intend to pay your bill. The agreement should be signed by both the student and parent and returned to the Office of Business Affairs by June 15.

Pay Your Bill

  • Your billing statement will be sent by the Office of Business Affairs in early July. Payment is due by July 31. There are three payment options available, and you must choose one of the three before July 31. You can also contact the Office of Business Affairs at (330) 823-6557 if you have questions.

Contact the Office of Accessibility Support Services

  • If you are in need of accommodations during the school year due to a documented disability, contact the Office of Student Accessibility Services via email or call (330) 823-7372.

Contact the Office of Academic Support

  • If you were admitted conditionally with a requirement to meet throughout the fall 2014 semester with Craig Theissen, director of Mount Union's Office of Academic Support Center, you will need to email or call (330) 823-3146 to schedule your initial appointment for the first week of classes.
  • For information about academic support or to schedule a meeting with this office during Preview, please email or call (330) 823-3146.

Student Athletes: Contact Your Coach

  • Your coach will have information for you about when you need to report to practice in August. Tentative dates are listed below, but be sure to contact your coach for more detailed information.

Sign Up for Aiport Transportation

  • If you are coming from out of state and will be arriving via plane, be sure to sign up for transportation from the airport to the University. You will need to schedule this transportation by mid-August, so check out the website to get more information!

Attend New International Student Orientation

  • On January 9, international students will learn about life in the United States of America and get acquainted with campus. Orientation sessions will include immigration regulations, campus safety and security and adjusting to U.S. classroom culture. Students will have the opportunity to set-up bank accounts and purchase cell phones during this time. All new international students are required to attend and participate in this orientation.


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