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International Affairs and Diplomacy Careers

There is no doubt that we live in an inter-connected world, and today’s youth are members of the first truly global generation.  Technological advances, foreign policy and a reliance on the goods and services of others have connected our world in ways we could have never imagined just a few decades ago.  That’s why it is absolutely imperative that we develop the knowledge and understanding to live in this increasingly interdependent reality.

With a solid foundation in political science, history, economics and foreign languages, our program in international studies will prepare you to be a leader in today’s global world.  You’ll explore the concepts of international relations as well as comparative politics and area studies.  From international affairs and the interactions between domestic and international affairs of nations to the political, historical and economic perspectives and the interactions between domestic and international affairs of nations, you’ll develop the skills and understanding that is critical to career success in a number of fields.     

  • International public service
  • Diplomacy
  • Travel and tourism
  • Business and law
  • Academics