Dr. Francis Schortgen

Teaching Area(s): Political Science

First, I aim to create an environment to foster an appreciation for independent and out-of-the-box thinking. I constantly challenge students to engage in frank exchanges of ideas, and debate and critically evaluate different viewpoints.

International Affairs and Diplomacy Learning Objectives

At Mount Union, students have the option to major in international affairs and diplomacy which is designed to give you the knowledge and understanding to live in an increasingly interdependent world.

As part of the major requirements, students will study topics such as political science, history, economics and foreign languages and will be prepared to enter career paths such as international public service, diplomacy, travel and tourism, business and law and academics.

Majors can concentrate on international relations, comparative politics, or area studies and will explore international affairs from political, historical and economic perspectives and examine the interactions between domestic and international affairs of nations, all while preparing them for career success.

Opportunities for students studying international affairs and diplomacy include studying abroad, discovering new cultures, enhancing intercultural communication skills, developing foreign language skills and participating in a wide-range of hands-on activities.

Internship opportunities for students of international affairs and diplomacy include foreign policy assignments, international internships combined with study abroad and The Washington Center Program offering internship assignments in the Washington, D.C. area.

Students can gain hands-on experience by participating in Model United Nations, international security simulations, international negotiations and policy discussions.

On-campus events include lectures by guest speakers and networking gatherings.

If broadening your understanding of international affairs and policy and gaining knowledge to live in an interdependent world interest you, consider the international affairs and diplomacy major at Mount Union today!

Learning Objectives for International Affairs and Diplomacy


  •  Students will appropriately apply the methodology used in the respective fields.

International Relations:

  • Students will accurately identify the major theories and dominant paradigms used in the study of international relations and foreign policy analysis including realism/neo-realism, liberalism/neo-liberalism, globalist/Marxist, and postmodernism/post-structuralism.
  • Students will identify the major actors in the international system on the macro, mezzo, and micro levels of analysis and their function and interaction in interstate relations.
  • Students will identify and describe the major processes in the international system including globalization, integration, and the causes of conflict.

Comparative politics:

  • Students will accurately identify the major theories and dominant paradigms used in the study of comparative politics including theories on democratization, transition, and political development. 
  • Students will identify and describe different political systems and distinguish between the various forms of democracies and authoritarian systems that exist.
  • Students will describe and explain how different types of political systems in other nations function both theoretically and in application.
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