Issues of the New Holliope Will Arrive on Campus December 12

April 08, 2010

Issues of Holliope, a new holiday literary publication, will be available on Wednesday, December 12.

For those unfamiliar with the new publication it is a collection of seasonal short stories, both fiction and creative non-fiction, written, submitted and compiled by Mount Union students, faculty and staff.

Holliope takes its name from a combination of the words 'holiday' and 'Calliope,' these being the two inspirations for its creation.

First appearing in 1954, the Calliope has served the Mount Union community as a creative outlet for poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, drama and art for the last 53 years. The Calliope is traditionally published in the spring semester each year. In the fall semester of 2007, the Calliope staff and the members of the newly formed English Society joined together to create a new literary publication. Through this attempt to bring a year round focus to creative writing, the Holliope was born.

Issues of the Holliope are free so pick up a copy before leaving for break.

The Holliope may also be accessed online at

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