Jaime Eyssen '16

Major: HR/Public Relations
Hometown: Brunswick, OH

Future Human Resources Administrator 

Majors: Human Resources and Public Relations

Member of the swim team, Delta Sigma Tau sorority and the Public Relations Student Society of America


Finding Mount
My cousin, who is an alum of the University, brought me on my first visit to Mount. I was instantly impressed by how fondly she talked about the University and how closely she stayed in contact with her professors years after graduating. Also, Mount has great programs for both of my majors, Human Resources and Public Relations.

A Warm Community
As cliché as it sounds, I chose Mount because it felt like home. The campus is beautiful and everyone you meet greets you with a smile. I love how approachable the professors are and how you aren’t just a number in the classroom. It’s so easy to be involved at Mount, which is another thing I love. It’s a place where I could really see myself growing as an individual.  

Swim Team
My favorite place on campus is the swimming pool. I spend a lot of time there between practices and meets. It’s a place where I can have fun with the team and put in a lot of hard work at the same time.   

Outstanding Education
One main thing that sets Mount Union apart from other universities is the quality of education it provides. The liberal arts foundation is a huge benefit that not all universities offer. Having both a liberal arts education and a background in professional presentation really sets you ahead in the eyes of employers. Professionals look for individuals with a lot of experience in presenting and communication because those are very important aspects in any profession. You really do get more for your education at Mount.

Preparing for the Future
Mount Union is preparing me for my future by making sure that I am not only an expert in my field, but that I also have strong writing and speaking skills. In any workplace, communication and writing are important and Mount Union highlights them through the Written Oral and Communication Requirements.

Human Resources and Public Relations
I couldn’t choose between Human Resources and Public Relations as my major, so I thought it would be beneficial to major in both. I think that these fields are really developing and expanding in today’s world, and that really drew me to choosing my majors. My dream job is to work in the human resources or public relations department of a major business or organization. 

Hands-on Experience
My favorite class so far is my Advanced Public Relations class because I love all the hands on experience.  This course is so interactive and gives you a sneak peak at what it would be like to do public relations for a real agency. The class has us participating in a project where we work with local organizations to promote their event or business. It takes the skills that we have learned and allows us to apply them to real world experiences.  This hands-on experience teaches me so much more about human resources and public relations and really prepares me for a future in the field.

Knowledgeable Professors
My favorite professor is my public relations professor, Harry Paidas. He is very involved in the community and school, and his experiences provide great learning experiences for me as a student. He is so knowledgeable about public relations and that makes me feel very confident in what I am learning.

As cliché as it sounds, I chose Mount because it felt like home. The campus is beautiful and everyone you meet greets you with a smile.

To The Top!