Japanese Culture Explored

April 08, 2010

Students, faculty and staff joined together to celebrate Japanese culture at the Office of International Affairs Japanese Tea Party on Friday, January 28.


Keiko Miyahara

Keiko Miyahara

The program began with an opening ceremony featuring Japanese birthday celebrations and a presentation of a traditional tea ceremony by Keiko Miyahara.

'My culture is really really different than other cultures,' said Mikahara. 'Many people have wrong stereotypes of Japanese culture and I'm glad to have these great opportunities to show the real traditional Japanese culture.'

Seventy-five people attended the event which featured traditional Japanese food including a fruit gelatin, mini pancakes with red bean paste and pastry flown in from New York City, among others. Several versions of green tea were also served.

Mikahara also presented a Power Point outlining political, economical, educational, athletic and social features specific to Japanese culture.

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