Dr. Hamako Furuhata-Turner

Teaching Area(s): Japanese

I use a communicative approach. I also utilize several multimedia instruments for enhancing students’ language skills and for drawing their interest.

Testimonials from Japanese Majors

"I never thought I'd ever realize my dream of traveling to Japan, but before I knew it, I was immersed in the culture I love so much! Through the various classes I took, I felt well prepared to handle the challenge of getting around in Japan with minimal culture shock. Studying Japanese language has provided opportunities that open up my world view to new horizons both here and abroad."
-Melody Brown

"My majors are French and Japanese.  The study abroad programs that Mount offers are amazing and really give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and greatly increase your fluency in the language.  The faculty are incredibly kind and helpful and I have always felt welcome to stop by a professor's office if I had a question."
-Jennifer Gentzel

"Japanese as a major is full of challenging, enjoyable and rewarding experiences. The professors here are helpful and the opportunity to study abroad in Japan, was an experience I will never forget."
-Brandon Killby

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