JaQuan Gamble '17

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Minor: Psychology
Involved in youth ministries, Youth MOVE for Mental Health and the Body Movement Ministries

Future counselor


Learning about Mount Union
I heard about Mount Union through one of my high school friends. He was talking about how he visited Mount Union and had a great experience. I believed that it would be a great opportunity to attend Mount Union because of how the faculty and staff invest in the futures of the students.

Welcoming Atmosphere
If I had to pick one thing that I like the most about Mount Union, it would have to be the atmosphere. It is a very welcoming and “family” atmosphere. I am able to build relationships with both the students and the teachers. Relationships are key because you never know who you might need in the future or who might need you. If there is a relationship already there, it will not be awkward when working together. 

Helpful Professors
What makes Mount Union different than any other college or university is that it actually prepares you to have a meaningful and fulfilling life. There are some skills and abilities that I have acquired at Mount that I probably would not have gained anywhere else. The professors provide us with the most current and accurate information so that we, in turn, are able to apply knowledge that we have. The professors push us to make connections what we are learning in the classroom. Some of the larger schools do not necessarily provide an open atmosphere for there to be a relationship between the students and the teachers, but this is possible at Mount. 

Choosing a Major
I knew that my life would involve serving and developing people; however, people are complex creatures. Sociology focuses on the group and what factors shape the individual. In order to be an effective pastor and counselor in the future, I have to be able to understand the diversity in cultures, what causes people to act the way they do and the factors that have made people the way they are.

New Interests
I have become extremely interested in psychology over the last two years. One class that is very interesting is Movies and Madness. The purpose of this class is to debunk the social stigma of mental illnesses. Psychology and sociology are subjects that are connected to one another whether people believe it or not. When writing academic papers, I am able to make connections and draw conclusions between the two.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far would have to be the Black Church. I am a church boy. I grew up going to and participating in the black church. I also have this love for history. This class shed some light on how the black church began, the purpose of it, how it persisted in perilous times and why it still thrives in the 21st century.

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor is Professor Barbara Lyons. She was very instrumental in pushing me beyond the limits and opening my mind. With her help, I was able to dig deeper into the depths of what I have already been taught. She said one thing that has stuck with me: "This is your season of preparation, don't waste it."

Liberal Arts Education
A liberal arts education provides me with skills such as communication, reading, listening, note taking, computer literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and time management. These skills are necessary in order to be successful in the field that I plan to go into. It is dangerous to have a degree and no other substance to go with the degree. The good thing about having a liberal arts education is that you are able to walk into a job with more than the required knowledge for the job.

Ultimate Career Goals
I would like to open up my own private counseling practice and lead a church and community into the next level. This degree in sociology is furthering my knowledge in guiding and directing people in the right path to make sound and strategic decisions; formulating personal skills to maintain health in the broader perspective; restoring broken relationships and becoming a more productive individual to benefit society. All the information that I have gained has helped me tremendously and will continue to help me when I am interacting with different people. My experience at Mount has given me the tools that I need such as good communication, organizational and strategic leadership, team building, problem solving and effective presentation skills.

JaQuan Gamble

What makes Mount Union different than any other college or university is that it actually prepares you to have a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Fun Facts

Do you prefer Macs or PCs?
As long as it works, either. However, Macs rule!
Where is your favorite travel destination?
New Orleans, Louisiana
What is your favorite holiday?
Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. It is not because I am able to be gluttonous or get a day off of work and school, but it gives me the opportunity to reflect on everything that has been invested in me, be thankful and then figure out ways in which I can use what I have to invest in someone else.
What is your favorite quote/motto?
"It's not about me, but rather those who I can help.”
What did you want to be as a kid?
I always wanted to be a preacher.
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