Jean Kirkpatrick

Jeane Kirkpatrick, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and expert on world politics, presented Mount Union's fall Schooler Lecture on Thursday, October 22, 1992.

Kirkpatrick, who also served on former President Ronald Regan's Cabinet, spent several years writing and speaking about international affairs and speaking about international affairs and political concerns.

Her first-hand experience in several key positions has given her an unusual understanding of the dynamics of global politics. Currently she is the Leavey Professor at Georgetown University, Senior Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, and author of a syndicated column on world affairs.

She is the author of seven books including her most recent work, "The Withering Away of the Totalitarian State, " which describes the collapse of Communism and the end of the Cold War.

Kirkpatrick holds undergraduate degrees from Stephens College and Barnard College and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University. She has been awarded the Medal of Freedom ( the highest civilian award given by the U.S. government) and the French Prize Politique for political courage.

A native of Ducan, Oklahoma, she is married to Dr. Evron M. Kirkpatrick.

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