Jenna Bluedorn '17

Major: Public Relations/Spanish
Hometown: Boardman, Ohio

Member of PRSSA, Delta Sigma Tau, Panhellenic Council, Honors Program, Alpha Mu Gamma, vice president of Lambda Pi Eta, and Presidential Scholars

Future government communication specialist

Choosing Mount Union
My cousin, Andrea Bluedorn, graduated from Mount Union and she originally brought up the school to me. Then, one day, I was in a Ruby Tuesday in my hometown and I happened to run into Mrs. McConnell and Professor McConnell. Mrs. McConnell was my second grade teacher, and she was one of the best teachers I ever had. They made sure that I applied to Mount Union because they felt like it would be a great fit for me, and they were definitely correct. I chose to attend Mount Union because the minute I stepped on campus, I felt at home. I had previously been to other campuses and not one of them were nearly as friendly as every single person on campus. Not only the staff, but even the students were exceptionally welcoming. I felt like a person, not like a number. I knew Mount Union wanted ME there, not just any random student that they could use to improve their statistics. Mount Union cares. More than any other university in the country in my opinion. They care about every student as an individual.

Supportive Second Family
There are so many things that I love about Mount Union that it is very difficult to choose just one. If I had to, however, I would have to say that it is the excellent support system. I know that I can go to many different people, whether they are in my major/department or not and they will be more than willing to help me. Each person is genuinely interested in my happiness and success here at Mount Union and beyond. There is always something for me to do and someone for me to rely on. I do not know any other campus that is as inclusive or supportive of its students. My Raider Guide, Kelsey Knutty helped me adjust to college life the most. She actually went on to become my Big in my sorority, and I do not know what I would do without her. Any question that I had, no matter how small, she would answer completely and give me all of her attention. I definitely recommend getting as involved as possible because in each organization that one belongs there are multiple people that can help and make someone feel that he or she is an integral part of the campus community.

Advice to Future Raiders
I would say to get as involved as possible as soon as possible, but don’t overwhelm yourself. There is a very delicate balance between being involved and making yourself crazy running from meeting to meeting every day. Being involved will make Mount Union feel like home a lot faster and to be honest, you’ll never want to leave. 

Choosing a Major
I chose Public Relations and Spanish as my majors because I love people. I love to talk and I love to hear what others have to say. Adding Spanish on only opens me up to a wider demographic. My majors are perfect for my personality, and I honestly couldn’t see myself doing anything else. My favorite class so far is probably Social Media Strategies. We got to produce our own YouTube show and I was the host and social media director. I would love to have an on-air job and work in a studio, and I did not know this before this class.

Unique Experiences
I studied abroad for a whole semester in Puntarenas, Costa Rica. I had a very unique experience, but it taught me so much. It furthered my Spanish in ways I never thought possible. I got to explore and climb mountains, board down active volcanoes, and surf in two countries. It changed who I am as a person.

Favorite Professor
Dr. Malynnda Johnson is definitely my favorite professor. The class I have with her, Research Methods, is definitely the most difficult class that I have ever taken, but she teaches it so well. She expects more out of her students, and she drives them to achieve their goals in a positive and productive manner. She has influenced me to be a better writer and researcher, and she has helped me, without knowing it, decide what I want to do in grad school.

Ultimate Goals
After graduation, I plan on attending grad school in London, England. I will further my education in communication studies. After, I would like to work with an organization such as the FBI or the CIA in their communication department(s). Without Mount Union, I would not be ready at all for any of this. I feel like I am more prepared than other candidates, purely because of where I went to school. 

Jenna Bluedorn

Mount Union cares. More than any other university in the country, in my opinion.

Fun Facts

Do you prefer Macs or PCs?
Macs! Everything I have is Apple, down to the watch.
What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
Orange is the New Black
What three songs define your music tastes?
Ruby- Twenty-One Pilots Gooey- Glass Animals Kitchen Sink- Twenty-One Pilots
What did you want to be as a kid?
A wedding planner
What is your favorite app?
Rebus Zone. It's an INSANELY difficult puzzle game. Everyone should download it.
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