Jeremy S. Hyman Presents Dewald Honors Lecture at Mount Union

April 08, 2010

Jeremy S. Hyman, co-author of A Professor's Guide to Getting Good Grades in College was the featured speaker for the Dewald Honors Lecture on September 19 as well as the LS 100 convocation held this morning.

A Professors' Guide to Getting Good Grades in College

by Lynn F. Jacobs, Ph.D. and Hyman was selected as the summer reading book for this year's entering freshman class.

Hyman spoke about the 'magic moments in college,' and despite the fact he wrote a book about how to get good grades, he stressed that academic success is not everything students should strive for while in college.

'There are moments in college that are more important than grades,' Hyman said.

The first magic moment Hyman distinctly remembered during his college experience were discovering his true passion. Hyman recalled a particular professor who helped him write his first paper.

'I had never really written a paper before his class,' Hyman said.

Hyman contributes much of his writing ability to this class and his professor's guidance. Hyman then went on to write his book with his wife, Dr. Lynn Jacobs. After submitting their book to 30 different publishers, Harper-Collins said yes.

While meeting with the Harper-Collins marketing team, Hyman remembered meeting a man who inquired about the subject of Hyman and Jacob's book. When Hyman told him he wrote a book on how to get good grades in college, the man perked up and said he had worked at colleges for a long time and seen many helpful books for college students, but never one focusing on how to succeed academically.

From this moment, Hyman said he grow more confident in his work and knew he had written the right book.

'After all the work I had done on the book, I discovered what my passion would be,' Hyman said.

Hyman entitled his second magic moment 'meeting of the minds,' which reflects quality time he spent with one of his professors looking over Hyman's written work. Even though the time spent was challenging, it was very rewarding to debate with his professor and learn from his expertise.

Hyman highly recommends to college students to take advantage of opportunities to work and study with faculty outside the classroom. He said he is glad he did because it sparks his interest and their advice helped him to become a successful author.

'When you encounter magic moments in college, don't just let them slip by,' Hyman said. 'There are very few, but they may be the best moments in college.'

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