Jessica Bennett '16

Major: Public Health
Hometown: Green, OH

Future School Nutritionist

Member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, member of Greek life and Public Health Club


Smooth Transition
I learned about Mount Union through other graduates from Green High School. Everyone seemed to come out of their shell here at Mount and they all transitioned well into a Purple Raider. I am a transfer student to Mount Union and chose to come here for the small class sizes, the helpful staff and success of the Mount Union alumni.

Not Just a Number
I feel that at Mount Union, I am not just a number, I am Jessica Bennett. Every professor I have cares about my individual success. My professors know me by name and I know from experience you don’t find that just anywhere.

Favorite Spot
My favorite place on the Mount Union’s campus is Bracy Hall. I love the huge fish tank downstairs and there is so much to explore in the labs.

Purple Raider Pride
Mount Union has a great community feel. Almost every student is involved in extracurricular activities and is a huge Purple Raiders fan. The school pride and student involvement are both truly unique.

Setting up for Success
At Mount Union I am not just receiving a degree; I’m becoming a well-rounded person. I am learning different skills that will set me apart from my peers when applying for jobs or graduate school. Mount Union provides every student with unique curriculum. I think because Mount Union integrates liberal arts and professional preparation it gives students an edge. Each student will gain confidence, leadership skills, experience and knowledge in several subject areas from this curriculum. Once you are a graduate from Mount Union, you will stand out amongst your peers because of the education you have gained here.

Improving Lives
I chose public health as my major because this field allows me to help many people. I would like to improve the lives of others with my career and public health will give me the opportunity to do so.

Field Trip Fun
My favorite hands-on experience at Mount Union was going to Alliance’s Water Treatment plant with my environmental science class. I always take for granted that my water comes out of the pipes clean and ready to drink. On my trip I learned what truly goes into making our water clean.

Love for Public Health
My favorite class so far would be my Intro to Public Health course. This class has made me much more passionate about my major. It has opened my eyes to all of the opportunities I have as a public health major.

Exemplary Professor
My favorite professor would have to be Lori Kumler from the Department of Political Science and International Studies. What she teaches in our environmental science class she lives in her every day life. She is helpful and cares about the success of all of her students. She is a great role model for her students and is passionate about her work. Her accomplishments are truly something to look up to as a female student. Being in her class my first semester at Mount Union has been one of my best experiences here so far.

Career Path
I hope to become a school nutritionist. With obesity in America at an all-time high, children need the guidance to live a healthy lifestyle. I would love to work individually with students to teach them how to eat healthy and stay active.

At Mount Union I am not just receiving a degree; I’m becoming a well-rounded person. I am learning different skills that will set me apart from my peers when applying for jobs or grad school.

To The Top!