Jessica Biltz '15

Alumna Experience: Working for the JET Program

Hi, my name is Jessica. I graduated from the Japanese Major Program at Mount Union in 2015. I'm currently working at Miyazu City Hall as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) through the JET Program. Miyazu is a rural town in the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture famous for Amanohashidate, or “the bridge to heaven” (a beautiful sand spit covered in pine trees recognized as one of Japan`s top three scenic spots). My duties include correspondence between Miyazu and our English speaking sister cities, English instruction at the local kindergartens and English related activities for adults, giving lectures about American culture, and PR via social media and Miyazu`s monthly PR magazine. 


Student Experience: Passing the N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test

When preparing to take the N1 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), I mostly focused on studying grammar because I anticipated this to be the hardest section. I also studied by taking practice exams in textbooks that I found in the library. In several classes that I took while studying abroad, passing the N1 exam was a major priority, so we often did listening exercises in class which were a great help when it came time to take the exam. There was also a class completely devoted to helping students pass the N1 exam though I did not take the course.

There are many textbooks available for passing all JLPT test levels including N1 grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and Kanji. There are also many exam prep books which contain practice problems from all of these areas. When preparing to take any of the JLPT exams, I think it is the best to complete practice problems for each section of the test while also focusing on your weak areas in-depth.

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