Joseph Malual Thuc, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, Shares Story of Miraculous Journey

April 09, 2010

On Monday, February 21, the Religious Life Council at MountUnionCollege presented speaker Joseph Malual Thuc, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, in the Campus Grounds of Hoover-Price Campus Center.' Thuc told the story of his miraculous journey from his war-stricken homeland to a fresh start in the United States and the hardships he faced along the way.


When Thuc, a member of the Dinka tribe, was around the age of 12 he witnessed the murder of his father after his village was attacked and destroyed by Islamic militants.' He, along with his brother, managed to escape and joined the other abandoned young boys of neighboring villages that were also forced to flee their homes.' This began their long trek across Africa to find refuge.

Thuc walked by foot from the Sudan to Ethiopia to Kenya, with little or no food or water for several months.

'We ate wild fruit and just kept going,' said Thuc. 'Give up, die there.'

Of the 33,000 boys that started out on the journey, only 17,000 survived.

Thuc has always valued education.' In 1993 when at the refugee camp in Kenya, Thuc was an excelled student, which earned him a scholarship to secondary school.' This enabled him to be chosen to live and study in the United States in 2000.' He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December of 2000 where he lived with his host parent, Louise Shoemaker, and attended high school.

'You own your education,' said Thuc. 'No one can take it away from you.'

Upon graduation from high school, Thuc was accepted to WagnerCollege in New York, New York where he is currently enrolled and received a full academic scholarship.' He is studying international affairs and hopes to one day become a diplomat between the United States and the Sudan.

Of all of the ups and downs that Thuc has faced in his life, his faith has always remained constant and he has relied on it to make it though.

'I never thought I would never make it, but I never thought I would make it,' said Thuc.' 'God kept me alive.

Those interested in supporting Joseph Malual Thuc can bring donations to The Edge Bible Study, which meet on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Dewald Chapel.' Donations can also be sent to the Edge at Frontline Ministries International at Joseph Malual Thuc c/o Frontline Ministries International, 4256 Caraway Cir. N.W., Massillon, OH 44646.

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