Justin Jakubik '15

Major: Finance and Accounting
Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

Minor: Economics

Baseball and Work Study Program for Baseball

Future Executive


Mount Union
I heard about Mount Union through family and friends that had gone here previously. I never really saw myself coming here based purely on the size of the school. After a few visits, I began to see why they fell in love with this school.

Why Mount?
Mount Union is the perfect distance away from home. I feel like I’m getting the college experience while still being only an hour and fifteen minutes away from home. I knew that I wanted to do something in the business field when I was in high school, and I took a few accounting classes my senior year and began to gain an interest in it. I knew that Mount Union has a very strong business program, and this was one of the main reasons I chose to come here. After coming on visits with the baseball coaches and getting to learn more about the program, my interest for the baseball team and school put Mount on the top of my list.

A League of Their Own
What I like the most about Mount Union is the size. The campus is top-notch in regard to the buildings and athletic facilities, especially compared to other small Division III schools.

Favorite Spot
I would say I have two favorite places on campus. The first I would say is the MAAC. Whether in the fieldhouse, basketball courts or weight room, I spend a lot of time there with sports and training. The facilities there are second to none compared to other small schools and even some larger schools. The second is the baseball field on 23rd Street.

Quality over Quantity
Many things set Mount Union apart from other colleges and universities. First, I would say the class sizes and the number of students really sets Mount Union apart. Being in the smaller classes really allows you to interact and gain relationships with your professors that can help you develop not only as a student but also as a professional. The success of the athletic programs really puts Mount Union on the map across the region and the country because it allows students to keep playing the sports they love while also gaining a quality education and degree.

Making Connections
Aside from receiving a quality degree, the connections you are able to make in a wide range of industries allow you to network and take control of your future. In the Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration and they really push for students to partake in internships because they really allow you to personally see what jobs and industries may appeal to you while gaining valuable experience.

Finance and Accounting
I first came to Mount as an accounting major. When it came time to declare a minor, I instead decided to double major in accounting and finance because of the number of overlapping courses. During my junior year I also added an economics minor because many of the upper-level courses interested me, and I also needed credits to fill my schedule during my junior and senior year.

I have participated in two internships so far while at Mount Union. Last summer, I interned at DDR in Beachwood, OH as an accounting intern in the property reporting department. DDR is a Real Estate Investment Trust that buys and leases large commercial shopping centers like Polaris and Great Northern. I felt like this internship really opened up my eyes to the corporate world. Whether it was giving presentations to corporate executives or working on quarterly reports, this internship was one every college student should experience before they graduate.

During the summer of 2014, I interned at Quadax in Middleburg Heights, Ohio. Quadax provides revenue cycle solutions to increase cash flows and maximize productivity to a variety of healthcare and laboratory companies across the country. I worked as a finance intern there in the PAS department. A lot of new projects are taking place there so I was able to work with others while getting familiar with insurances such as Medicare, Medicaid, United HealthCare and many more.

Favorite Class
So far, my favorite class is Corporate Finance I. This class helped me picture myself in a career related more to finance than to accounting.  In this class, we had a stock simulation that our class did individually during about a 10-week span. Each student got $10,000 to invest in any company of their choosing and followed it through their portfolio. I found the project to be very beneficial because it was my first time ever watching the stock market that closely. Even though it was “fake money,” points were awarded throughout the class on weekly updates of the individual’s portfolio. A lot of the material was new to me but I caught on pretty quickly while also having an interest in the material we were learning.

Favorite Professors
My favorite professor from finance is Dr. Patricia Matthews. She has helped me in so many different ways. Whether it’s scheduling classes, helping me with material I may not understand or sharing resources with us that can help us land internships or full-time jobs, she has helped a lot of finance students to get on the right path with their careers. In accounting, it would have to be Dr. Ruth Pogacnik. She is one of the best professors on campus and teaches the material thoroughly so that every student can understand. She helped me a great deal last semester when we had the first-ever Saturday class for Intermediate Accounting II. Since it was in the spring, it conflicted with baseball for most of the semester. She was always easy to meet with and talk about what I had missed from the previous class.

Liberal Arts
By combining a liberal arts education with professional preparation, it allows students to take a wide variety of classes to see which ones interest them while also allowing them to grow as an individual. Many students come to Mount Union undecided or have a major in mind but not really sure if it’s the one they want to make a career out of. This allows students to try different classes early on in their college experience to see what interests them not only now but also in the future. This can save students money and also semesters of unneeded work that could occur if they decide to change majors late.

Dream Job
My ultimate career goal is to work my way up to an executive position in the entertainment, real estate, medical or sports industry. I don’t want to narrow my options or set one particular position I want to achieve this young in my career because many doors and opportunities can await from things you never saw coming. I plan on working immediately after graduation full time in something related to finance. I always will leave the opportunity open to possibly go and earn an MBA or a Master’s of Finance, if that type of education is necessary for a position I desire.

In the Department of Economics, Accounting and Business Administration, they really push for students to partake in internships because they really allow you to personally see what jobs and industries may appeal to you while gaining valuable experience.

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