Kate O'Neil '16

Major: Financial Math and Economics
Hometown: Beaver, PA

Future Financial Engineer

Member of Alpha Lambda Delta, FLOCK, Intramurals, Library Employee, Relay for Life Planning Committee, Investment Team, Regula Scholar, Honors in the Major, Sophomore Service Honorary and the University Honors Program.


Why Mount Union
I was looking at small private schools around my area and a family friend, an alum from Mount Union, mentioned that if I wanted a small, private school, then I would love Mount Union and insisted that I give it a look. She was right! Mount is the perfect distance from my house, the perfect size, and the perfect campus. It had everything that was on my college checklist. Though it took a couple visits to realize this, once I decided on Mount everything fell into place.

Friendly Campus
Mount Union’s campus atmosphere is something that I have never experienced anywhere else. Faculty and students are just generally pleasant people. Strangers walk down the sidewalks and wave to each other, everyone holds open the door for others – you never feel alone while you’re at Mount.

Favorite Spot
If I had to pick I would say my favorite place on campus is the KHIC third floor. If I am up there to study, there is always a quiet desk tucked in a corner where I can focus and get my work done. This floor is also one of the most relaxing places on campus. No matter which window you’re looking out of, you have a beautiful view to gaze at and a comfortable chair to lounge in!

Unique Major
I’ll brag about the Financial Math program! This major is really something unique that other schools do not offer. Being a Financial Math major, I am taking accounting, business, computer science, economics, finance and mathematics courses. All of these different subjects are related and combined through Financial Math. I have so many potential career paths with this degree that I am having trouble deciding which I would enjoy most. This is a fairly new degree at Mount, and I can only imagine the possibilities that it has. I love being a part of it.

Favorite Class
One of the most engaging and interesting courses that I have taken thus far is my first year seminar class. This class is intended to help transition you from high school to college studies and give you a starting place in the curriculum, but it was so much more. Since I am in the honors program I was enrolled in an honors First Year Seminar (FYS) with other honors students called “Heroes of Faith-Based Social Justice.” Never had I been in a class where the discussion was so deeply involved. Learning about people like Dorothy Day, Ghandi, William Wilberforce, and other heroes throughout history, we analyzed their motives and what role faith played in their service-filled lives. I met some of my closest friends in this class and have a connection with a phenomenal professor that I would have never met if it weren’t for this FYS because our fields are so unrelated.

Well-Rounded Education
It is nice to have a break from numbers every now and then. There is little room for creative spirit in both of my majors, and even my minor. Getting a liberal arts education gives me that option to take classes completely unrelated to my future career that I am only taking for pure interest.

Future Career
I hope to one day be a financial engineer. I would love to work in a corporate bank office and crunch financials all day long.

There is room for creative spirit in both of my majors, and even my minor. Getting a liberal arts education gives me that option to take classes unrelated to my future career that I am taking for pure interest.

To The Top!