Kate Schell is Pursuing her Dream

July 10, 2009

Kate Schell, a 2009 graduate of Mount Union, isKate Schell - Photographer: Scott Berge now
settled in Bismarck, ND where she works as a reporter and fill-in anchor for KX news station in Bismarck.

Schell has only had the opportunity to fill-in as an anchor once, but she is gaining a great deal of experience as a reporter.

“I really like reporting.  It allows you to get out and meet people, hear their stories and then put them into words and video,” Schell said.

Three television internships during her college career helped Schell in transitioning to her new job.  Schell interned in Youngstown the summer after her sophomore year, Cleveland the next summer, and in Youngstown again the final semester of her senior year.  Her current job did not offer much training, but Schell has been able to keep up with the pace because of the skills she learned at her internships. 

“Thankfully, my internships and the effort I put into those internships paid off,” Schell said.  “I challenged myself greatly and asked as many questions as I could as an intern, which I credit for helping with a smooth transition into the ‘real world.’”

Schell is also grateful for the liberal arts education she received at Mount Union.  While she learned a great deal in her radio and television classes, a balanced education gave her a glimpse into a variety of topics that are addressed in many news stories. 

“North Dakota is one of only three states that are not suffering from the recession.  So those stories are cool to focus on, because it’s positive to show how people here are prospering.”

News in Bismarck is much different than news in Northeast Ohio, Schell explained.  For example, agricultural news has its own reporter as it impacts a majority of the population. 

Each Saturday, Schell must use her creativity as well as awareness of local interests to choose and cover a story.  After loading a news car with equipment, Schell travels to the location of the story and sets everything up.  She conducts the interviews and takes the video, then returns to the studio to put it all together. 

Schell had applied to stations in almost every state.  She had an interview over the phone and was offered the job a week before graduation. She graduated on May 9 and began her new job on the 19.

“It took 1,200 miles and 21 hours in a U-haul to get to Bismarck, and I knew no one!  But it’s been great,” said Schell.  “I love my job and my co-workers are great people!”

When Schell first came to Mount Union, she had planned on pursuing a career in the medical field.  However, her interest in writing and current events led her to change to television news.
Examples of Schell’s work can be found at http://kxmb.com.  

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