Katie (Schnurrenberger '02) Arthurs

Major: Middle Childhood Education
Job Title: Teacher and Coordinator

Hometown: Austintown, OH           
Minor: Psychology

Since my graduation at Mount Union, I have been employed by Lake Local Schools. First teaching fifth graders, and then seventh and eighth graders. Last year, our district added an alternative school to meet the needs of more students and I coordinate that program for 7-12 graders. 


Mount Union Family
It was close to home, but also far enough away. I remember during my visits to campus how everyone I passed on the sidewalks said “hi” to each other, even if you didn’t personally know them. Tour guides and professors early on talked about “the Mount Union family” and I believe that is so true! I actually got my teaching job at Lake due to a connection from “the Mount Union family.”

Personal Touch
Mount has a personal touch - professors who truly care and are part of the college community. Plus the beautiful campus and facilities.

Favorite Professors
Have to go with two - Dr. Pete Schneller - I loved how he encouraged us to think outside the box and meet the needs of ALL students! We had wonderful experiences with him working in inner-city settings with so many disadvantaged students. Also, Dr. Linda Burkey - She truly invested in us as people, not just as her students. She pushed us and had high expectations, but that prepared us so much for our first teaching position!

First Job After Degree Completion
Lake Local Schools - teaching fifth graders Science and Social Studies

Student teaching for Education Department - My best friend and I inquired about student teaching in Sydney, Australia and Dr. Gannon took that idea and ran with it.  Next thing we knew, we had a teaching placement and we were searching for a host family. We were the first students to student teach in Australia from Mount Union. It was an absolutely amazing experience - from what we learned in the schools to the wonderful people and the beautiful sights!

Campus Involvement
4 years - Women’s Golf Team (First women’s golf team at Mount, actually, I was the first member, and then by Senior year, we won the OAC conference title!)
2 years - Women’s Basketball Team
3 years - Resident Assistant (Community Educator)
2 years - Dowling Mentor Program
2 years - Kappa Delta Pi

Education After Mount
I went to Ashland University and earned a Master’s degree in School Administration

Hands On Experience
We had so many experiences early on in the area schools. We didn’t spend so much time talking about teaching kids, we were out there actually doing it! Very practical work!

Liberal Arts in the Classroom
In the classroom, I love to create integrated units and that is inspired by my liberal arts education at Mount Union. For example, when teaching ancient Greek history, my teaching team and I create lessons around the literature, the art, the music, scientific ideas, and mathematicians of the time. The kids created their own Greek clay pots and read “The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan about the Greek gods/goddesses, etc.

Staying Connected
Yes, I still get together with my closest friends and social media makes it great for those spread out across the state and country. And for the last ten years, I’ve been working part-time at Mount Union in the Office of Student Affairs. I’ve also been teaching a Social Studies methods course and supervising student teachers in the Education Department. My husband and I love the campus and only live ten minutes away so we frequently bring the kids to campus to visit and walk around.

Future Goals
I really want to learn to play the violin.

An Investment in Education
The relationships from Mount Union have provided me many wonderful job opportunities and connections and I enjoy continuing to be part of that large Mount Union family.

Favorite Aspect of Current Job
I really enjoy seeing so much success in students who have previously not experienced that much success academically.

Katie Arthurs

The relationships from Mount Union have provided me many wonderful job opportunities and connections and I enjoy continuing to be part of that large Mount Union family.

Fun Facts

Favorite Book?
Anything by Paulo Coelho
Favorite Travel Destination?
Australia (I went once for student teaching and then have returned two more times, but I want to return with my family).
If you could have lunch with anyone, who would you choose and why?
My Grandpa Johns, although I would want to play a round of golf with him instead of lunch. He was an avid golfer and a wonderful man who passed away when I was 5 years old. He taught my mom to golf and then she taught me, but I never played golf with him.
If you could try any job for a day, what would it be and why?
I would love to be a midwife in Africa assisting women with childbirth where there is such a high maternal mortality rate.
What's your all-time favorite movie?
"A League of Their Own"
To The Top!