Kelli Anderson Presents Kershaw Lecture "The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things-Uncovering the Lo-fi Magic"

February 14, 2017

ALLIANCE, OH- On Tuesday February 7 Kelli Anderson, designer and artist, discussed how tinkering with innovated paper products is an accessible medium to teach people how their world works.

Anderson creates work that utilizes touch and can be used for educational purposes such as pop up books that explain star constellations. Her approach to art is to “seek out humble things that don’t go as expected.” She discussed the idea that the hand is smarter than the brain, and through human senses we can make tangible items that aid learning. Her work explores how information can be embedded into objects from which the average person can gain valuable knowledge.

In the past, Anderson and a few friends, created a “fake” utopia via articles from the New York Times that explored how a positive alternative reality can allow others to think more deeply about the atmosphere around them. One of her more famous designs is a pop up camera made strictly out of paper goods. When developing these projects, she stated “I can make these things work but I can’t explain to people why they work.”

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