Kourtney Betler '12

Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Minerva, Ohio

Why did you choose to pursue your degree?
For years, I have known I want to teach.  In particular, I knew I was interested in teaching at the high school level.  With Adolescent to Young Adult Education as a minor, I chose mathematics as my major.  Math has always come naturally to me, and I was heavily influenced and inspired by my two high school math teachers who also graduated from Mount Union.  They served as mentors and role models for me throughout my high school career, and therefore contributed to my desire to teach.  I believe education is the gateway to a successful life and I want to make a difference, no matter how big or small.

What types of jobs are available for students who share your major?
A major in mathematics does not limit one to the teaching profession.  There are many other careers a math major can go into such as engineering, actuary work, accounting and computer science.  A person majoring in math may also find work in research, industry or medicine.  The possibilities for a math major are nearly endless.

How will you use your degree upon graduation?
Upon completion of my student teaching and graduation, I hope to begin work at a middle or high school as soon as possible.

What activities are you involved in?

I am involved in Student Senate as a sophomore class representative and Special Events Chair.  I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta and serve as Sophomore Service Honorary Vice President.  As a freshman, I served on the Student Senate PREP committee and was a member of First Year Experience.  I have also served as a math tutor for local students.

What elements should a person possess in order to succeed in your major?
I believe a love for math and a natural ability to work with numbers is a characteristic of most mathematics majors.  A person majoring in math should have high expectations for difficulty within courses and should be willing to take on the many challenges within the major.  A person should also be hard working and dedicated to their schoolwork in order to succeed in math.

Kourtney Betler

I would advise any future mathematicians to be confident in their abilities and willing to learn.  Also, the ability to learn from mistakes is crucial in the math world.  If someone is considering math as a major, I advise them to go for it because, if they dedicate themselves to the work, they will be able to find success in a variety of fields.

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