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Kyle Dreger

Mount Union gives you that unique blend of both immense opportunity with  one-on-one relationships with both the faculty and students. It's been a perfect fit.

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Current Student Spotlight:
Kyle Dreger ‘14

Hometown:Rootstown, Ohio

Major:Computer Science and English

Future Software Designer

Member of the men's soccer team, Honors Program, Raider Programming Board, Society of Computing Students, Raider Relief and the Mount Union blogging team.

To hear more about my exceptional story, read my blog.


Mount Union Influence
One of the biggest influences for me to apply to Mount Union was my high school athletic director and Mount Union alumnus Keith Waesch, ‘94. His office was always filled with mementos from his years at Mount Union, and that’s where I got the big idea to investigate further. I was also familiar with the campus through the soccer team’s summer program, which I participated in for three years of high school.

Heart Set on Attending
After applying to colleges, every time I would mention Mount Union, I noticed a visible change in expression on the face of whomever I was talking to. Once I had finished talking, they would somehow get the conversation back to Mount Union and how they, or someone they knew, had an amazing time there. I never heard a bad thing about the school from anyone. In a way, I already had my heart set on attending Mount Union. Receiving the Presidential Scholarship made the decision easier too!

Favorite Places
Given that I am a member of the men’s soccer team, I love the Mount Union Stadium. I’m really looking forward to the future bricking of the outside walls. The other place I thoroughly enjoy frequenting is the North Reading Room in the Kolenbrander-Harter Information Center. If you ever have the opportunity to spend a couple hours up there when it’s raining, make sure you do.

Unique People
I believe that 80% of all small, private universities are mostly the same—you get an education, academic resources, athletics, etc., but it’s that 20%, the people, that makes all the difference. Mount Union attracts a unique type of person, and I’d take the people here even if we had significantly less in terms of buildings and land.

Double Majors
I was originally set on majoring in nursing, but at the time, Mount Union didn’t offer that as a major. However, I came to realize that I could use my skills with computers to build software that helps people in the same way, just without the needles. I’ve always loved writing in my free time, plus good computer programmers who have a firm grasp of the English language make a huge difference in the type of work they put out.

Favorite Experience
As the president of the Society of Computing Students, I organized Mount Union’s first Hackathon, an event that you, solo or with a team, compete for 12 hours to build something against other teams. Our Hackathon ran from 10 p.m. on a Friday night until noon on Saturday afternoon, with everyone’s goal being to create a computer game that didn’t already exist.

Favorite Class
Honestly, I enjoy all my classes, but one class I am particularly excited about is Danielle Cordaro’s Writing and the Web. I feel that writing majors, more than anyone, should get experience putting their work online and the best practices for doing so.

Favorite Professor
Although she’s not a professor, my favorite teacher is my mother for home schooling me through my sophomore year of high school. At Mount Union, Dr. John Kirchmeyer has been an amazing professor and even better academic advisor. Being able to always pop into his office and ask him questions has provided me with some amazing conversations and insight. He’s been an awesome professor and friend.

Ultimate Career Goal
I never want to stop building things. I want to be a dad who loves his kids. I never want to stop learning, even when the classes are complete. I want to exude a passionate faith, work ethic and touch of comedy. I always want to be the one who brings those around me up, never down.


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