About the Legal Studies Minor (Pre-Law)

Have you ever wanted to be a public defender, judge or a corporate lawyer? Even a simple curiosity about what these individuals do on a daily basis may indicate that our minor program in legal studies is for you. You'll shadow professionals in the field, spend the day with a public defender or work with a victim's assistance program, judge or prosecutor's office. These experiences will expose you to a variety of professions and let you determine what most interests you. It's essential for students to understand the operation of our legal system, the sources of our laws and how to interpret and apply legal concepts so they can become responsible citizens upon graduating.

At the University of Mount Union, you'll be in smaller classes which will allow for one-on-one attention from faculty members who have attended law school and are at the top of their fields. Through challenging coursework, internship opportunities and networking, you'll be prepared for success. In fact, many of our graduates have been accepted to some of the best law schools in the country.

Legal studies graduates have found success working for law firms, district attorney’s and prosecutor’s offices and political organizations throughout the country.

Students of this program have also chosen to pursue graduate study at institutions including Case Western Reserve University, Georgetown University, New York University, The Ohio State University, University of Akron, University of North Carolina, University of Pittsburgh and University of South Carolina.

The legal studies program is co-administered by the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice and the Department of Political Science and International Studies, which offers programs in in criminal justice, and sociology, and international affairs and diplomacy and political science, respectively.

The legal studies minor is administered by the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice, which also offers programs 

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