Dr. Jamie Capuzza Communication Studies

Dr. Jamie Capuzza

Teaching Area(s): Communication

I love any and all libraries. I’m such a nerd! But sometimes I’ll stand in the middle of the library and close my eyes for a minute contemplating all the work that went into creating and archiving all that human knowledge over so many years.

LGBT Resources

UMU Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning,

Intersex, Asexual/Agender, Pansexual (LGBTQQIAP) Resources

Read the current Non-Discrimination Statement.


The purpose of GSA/Pride is to affirm, facilitate, celebrate, support, and create a safe and accepting environment for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities on Mount Union’s campus. Membership is open to all interested students. 


Gender-inclusive Housing

The Office of Residence Life values all students and the unique perspectives that they bring to campus, and wants every student who lives on campus to feel comfortable and safe. Based on changing needs and preferences of our students as well as a nationwide shift in preferences, we are now offering a gender-inclusive housing option for students. Offering mixed gendered housing reflects values of social justice, such as collaboration, cooperation, equity, and citizenship, which are paramount in the context of higher education.  This option of mixed-gendered housing allows our students to practice those values in an educational setting.

Gender-inclusive housing allows for students to be permitted to have roommates and suitemates regardless of gender identity. Gender-inclusive housing recognizes however that gender exists on a spectrum and that there are, in fact, an infinite amount of genders and gender expressions. Gender-inclusive housing allows individuals who do not identify as their biological sex, identify as transgender, gender queer, non-binary, etc., or who are allies for these students and would just feel more comfortable in an inclusive, more diverse living environment to live together. Please click here for more information. 


AllyLGBTQ+ Research @ UMU

Faculty that conduct LGBT-inclusive research/scholarship

  • Jamie Capuzza, Ph.D. Professor of Communication Studies and Coordinator of Gender Studies Program capuzzja@mountunion.edu

Ally Training Program & Ally List

The Ally Training program is an ongoing, voluntary training open to anyone interested in learning about sexual and gender minority (LGBTQQIAP) individuals. Individuals who complete the 1-hour training have received a placard to display. For more details, contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at, diversity@mountunion.edu

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