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Strategic Plan

University of Mount Union Library
Strategic Plan
2009 - 2012


The University of Mount Union Library is an active partner in the development of information literate students, preparing them for academic success and for life in an information society.

GOAL 1: Information Literacy

Promote information literacy throughout the academic community by teaching users to find, evaluate, and make intelligent use of information resources.

  1. Collaborate with faculty to create a formalized information literacy program.
  2. Integrate basic information literacy competency skills into general education courses.
  3. Prepare instructional sessions that support class assignments and projects.
  4. Work with faculty to incorporate information literacy components into all levels of instruction in each discipline.
  5. Work with other programs on campus, such as Writing across the Curriculum, First Year Experience, LS 100, Residential Life, Service Learning and the Honors Program, to incorporate information literacy standards into their programs. 
  6. Develop print, podcast and online tutorials to enhance students’ information literacy skills.
  7. Offer a college credit course in research methods and information literacy.


GOAL 2: Collection Development

Provide access to information resources in all formats, designed to support the college curriculum and the research needs of our students and faculty.

  1. Revise our collection development policy to reflect the changing mix of print and electronic resources in a complex cooperative environment.
  2. Build strong book collections, both print and electronic, reflecting the subject scope of our curriculum and at a research level appropriate to the needs of our users.
  3. Build strong journal collections, directly supportive of our academic requirements, whenever possible in electronic full-text formats.
  4. Provide reference collections and finding aids to assist in course related research.
  5. Continue to make government information easily accessible by acquiring, cataloging, and delivering it in the most efficient formats.
  6. Expand the collection of non-traditional academic resources, including graphic materials, digitized content and audio-visual materials.
  7. Provide additional space for the expansion of Mount Union’s archival and historical collections.


GOAL 3: Intellectual Environment

Create a more comfortable, safe and user friendly environment for study, research and information sharing.

  1. Conduct a study of library security arrangements to determine the best way to provide a safe user environment and protect library equipment and collections.
  2. Improve lighting in all areas of the library, including study spaces, stack areas and stairwells.
  3. Develop an Educational Media Center which will include K-12 resources, necessary equipment for these resources, and appropriate support staff.
  4. Convert existing photocopiers and computer printers to digital copier/scanners.
  5. Explore the renovation of the North Reading Room for possible use as a public presentation space.
  6. Replace a select number of study carrels with comfortable seating or open study tables.
  7. Increase the number of group study rooms and update existing rooms with the latest technology.
  8. Create and equip a group project preparation space.
  9. Upgrade the old building elevator to comply with ADA standards.

10.  Schedule activities within the library such as an academic speaker series, lectures, read-ins, commercial displays and book fairs.


GOAL 4: Staff Development

Recruit, develop and motivate a diverse and well-qualified staff team who can make a significant contribution to the academic mission of the University.

  1. Evaluate library staffing needs and work spaces to improve the efficiency of departmental operations.
  2. Provide structured orientation, library training and online tutorials for all staff members and student assistants.
  3. Provide training and growth opportunities that encourage staff members to develop expertise related to their job assignments including attendance at library conferences and training sessions, participation in the governance of library cooperatives and organizations and the monitoring of current professional literature.
  4. Establish fair and consistent work policies and procedures, including frequently updated job descriptions, evaluations and departmental job manuals.
  5. Lobby for staff pay levels at least equivalent to state and national averages for comparable positions.
  6. Encourage job pride, positive changes and creativity through rewards, team building exercises and off-campus retreats.
  7. Improve communication among and between library staff and the rest of the campus community.


GOAL 5: Access Services

Provide user friendly access to a wide range of information resources and the support services needed to make intelligent use of these resources.

  1. Organize and maintain library collections to improve access for all users, including patrons with disabilities.
  2. Update and improve the library catalog, web pages and electronic resources in order to provide user friendly information retrieval service.
  3. Continue to explore new methods of delivering materials to patrons in electronic formats.
  4. Set fair and reasonable circulation policies that allow patrons to access materials effectively and efficiently.
  5. Improve Interlibrary Loan delivery mechanisms in order to facilitate the ease of transporting resources to our users.
  6. Make course materials available, either online or in print, through local collection building, course reserves, patron initiated OhioLINK circulation and interlibrary loan service.
  7. Provide quality reference assistance through in-person and virtual reference services.


GOAL 6: Marketing

 Promote the usage of library resources and services through a program of advertising and user education.

  1. Enhance library web pages to facilitate patron access to all library services.
  2. Use library displays to promote our collection strengths and unique resources.
  3. Take an active part in community programs in order to increase library visibility.
  4. Promote library resources and services through articles in campus publications and local newspapers.
  5. Identify appropriate settings for faculty instruction in the use of library resources.
  6. Ensure that the library is represented at campus activities, including job fairs and Senior Salute.
  7. Produce media advertising spots promoting library resources and services for broadcast on the campus closed circuit television system and radio station.
  8. Market library services, new databases and products, and the use of local and OhioLINK delivery services to the campus community.


GOAL 7: Digitization

Establish a program for the digitization of key documents in the history of the University Mount Union and provide for their availability to all members of the college community through easy internet access.

  1. Work with the OhioLINK Digitization Committee to prepare software and equipment standards to enable a campus digitization project.
  2. Select and acquire scanning equipment necessary for the digitization of local collections and set aside an appropriate space for its use.
  3. Hire and train staff and student assistants to conduct the digitization of key Mount Union collections.
  4. Complete a trial digitization project by converting to digital form the Mount Union photograph collection housed in the library Historical Collection.
  5. Work with faculty and administration to determine which collections should be digitized and set a list of priorities.
  6. Encourage the appointment of a Coordinator for the Mount Union Resource Commons site and work with this coordinator to determine the structure of the site and appropriate access protocols.
  7. Work with the Registrar and Department Chairs on the digitization of Senior Culminating Projects.


GOAL 8: Assessment

Develop effective procedures for the assessment of library services and facilities.

  1. Develop and administer a biennial user survey, using LibQual+ or other commercial survey products, to measure user satisfaction levels and provide direction for the improvement of library facilities and services.
  2. Prepare annual pre-tests and post-tests of student information literacy levels and administer them to freshmen and seniors.
  3. Make use of focus groups to provide feedback and recommendations for changes in library web pages and services.
  4. Collect and evaluate usage data of library web pages, databases, journal downloads and the library catalog.
  5. Collect and analyze library statistical measures and compare them with statistics of similar institutions.  
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