June 02, 2010


ALLIANCE, Ohio - On the anniversary of President McKinley signing a bill to allow electronic voting machines to be used in presidential elections, Mount Union College hosted the McKinley Scholar.

Speaking on her personal experience with the recent presidential election and immigration rates, Linda Chavez appeared yesterday before President and Mrs. Ewing, faculty, Mount Union students and the community.

Nominated as Secretary of Labor by President, George W. Bush, Chavez was later forced to remove her name due to an alleged immigration scandal. This violation was the result of Chavez providing shelter to a Guatemalan refugee years ago.

When asked her opinion on the turmoil created by the past election she said, "Because the nation was divided on the presidency, I am afraid that many Americans do not feel that President Bush is legitimate. These feelings could mark the beginning of the end of democracy as we know it."

Chavez also spoke of immigration in the United States. She mentioned that California has become the first state in the nation to be a "majority minority" state. Hispanics have outnumbered the whites and are now the majority in the state.

"Many Americans hold stereotypes about immigrants that are just not true," said Chavez. "Most people forget that there are two types in this country, those born here and those who are born elsewhere."

Education has become the major issue because it is believed that immigrants come to the U.S. uneducated and are a drain on the economy and country as a whole.

"In terms of Hispanic immigrants, 80 percent of the native born students graduate high school and 51 percent earn incomes at or above the national average," said Chavez.

Bi-lingual education has now become a hot topic among public educators in states with high immigration rates, according to Chavez. Many schools had in the past taught students in their native languages, making it difficult for them to adjust to speaking English. Voters in California and Arizona have since, with the aid of Ron Untz, signed into law an initiative to eliminate bi-lingual education.

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