Lindsay Janice '15

Major: German/International Studies
Hometown: Aurora, OH

Member of Calliope, German Club, Sigma Iota Rho, Common Sense Action, tutor, Mount Union Color Guard and Student Ambassador

Minor: Japanese


The College Search
My father had looked into the university when he was on the search for a college himself. We did not learn about Mount until it appeared on suggestion list on a website that helped us search for colleges that matched my own criteria.

Choosing Mount
I had always liked Mount Union since the first time I set foot on campus. It immediately made it to the list of my top three choices, and because of that I did not stop visiting. I managed to visit the university once during each season, and not even the cold and windy winter caused me to like it any less. I met with a countless number of representatives, professors, students etc., and the more I did so, the more I saw myself walking around on campus and being a part of the community. Instead of liking it, I started to love it, and I could not wait to continue to visit campus my senior year of high school. Visiting a German class completed the deal, along with visiting the Color Guard. I knew that Mount Union was for me. 

A Home Away From Home
It was the community, the faculty and the campus that gave me that feeling of home, and it was the feeling I was looking for to help make my next four years of school a success. All three together create this atmosphere where I know I can be myself, make friends and create a great pre-career experience for the future.

Favorite Spot
My absolute favorite place on campus, hands down, is the lake. I cannot recall how many times I have sat there during my stays on campus. Freshman year, I had an evening class and I always had extra time after eating dinner, so I spent every Monday night sitting at the side of the lake. There have also been multiple times where my friends and I would sit there after classes and on nice days. The view is very relaxing.  When I am not doing homework, I let my imagination set course and I daydream. When I am giving tours, I love to mention how that area is a great place for students to hang out. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful places on campus. Whenever I think of Mount Union, I think of the lake. 

A Welcoming Community
The atmosphere that the community creates sets Mount apart. The friendliness that my parents and I received on our first visit was phenomenal, and certainly encouraged us to visit again after learning about what it has to offer. The amazing welcoming continued on later visits, which my younger brother joined, and because of this he also looked into Mount Union when he was on his college search. Not only that, but the friendly community remained once I became a student. I have heard stories where ‘being nice stops once you actually choose the college.’ That is not the case with Mount Union. It is one of the many reasons why Mount Union is much different than other colleges and universities.

Preparing for Success
Mount is preparing me well for success after graduation. One great example is the study abroad semester that I experienced this past fall. To put it simply, it changed my life. I have learned so much and I know it has made me a well-rounded individual. Also, many professors and other staff members have talked with me about internships that can continue in preparation for a career of my choice; and that led me to complete an internship in Washington, D.C. for the duration of a summer. The preparation from Mount Union and the two experiences themselves have allowed me to set myself up greatly for the ‘the real world.’ Combining a liberal arts education and professional experience not only makes students better people, but prepares them for the future and a chosen career. I fully believe that I will be prepared when I graduate.

Language and Culture
As a German major, I have always been inspired by the language and the culture. My mother and her family moved from Germany when she was little. Because of that, I grew up listening to the language and practicing traditions that originated from the country. Unfortunately, as I became older I was never taught to speak German, and I wanted that to change. I started taking classes in middle school and I have not stopped since. I love what the country, the language and the culture have to offer.

Inspiring Experiences
My dream of studying abroad in Germany has recently become reality, and it was much more than I could have imagined. Living, traveling and taking classes there improved my language skills to a great extent. I was able to experience other cultures that I had never experienced before. I have made friends, with both other American students and German students at the university I attended, and built friendships that will certainly last so much longer than one semester. All that I experienced was simply inspiring, and something one cannot get in a classroom environment. For this reason, I encourage everyone, no matter their major, to take part in a journey like I have.

International Relations
My favorite class so far is the International Relations course that I took my sophomore year. With an additional major in International Studies, I have a lot of interest in this field. I had never taken a class before that completely caught my attention and intrigued me like this one did. I enjoyed going to the class, interacting with the professor and students and simply learning the material.

Inspiring Professors
Both Dr. Himmelein and Dr. Grossman have inspired me, encouraged me and changed my outlook of my potential future to a great extent during my stay at Mount Union. I learned from them to never give up and keep trying, and that those two actions will always lead to success.

Mount is preparing me well for success after graduation. One great example is the study abroad semester that I have experienced this past fall. To put it simply, it changed my life.

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