Luke Messner Meets with Ohio House of Representatives and Senate Members for Discussion of Current Events

April 13, 2010

Luke Messner, a sophomore political science and philosophy major, had the opportunity to meet with Mr. John Boccieri of the Ohio House of Representatives and Mr. Robert F. Hagan of the Ohio Senate to discuss issues pertinent to the state of Ohio and it's citizens in Columbus this past Friday.

Messner also had the opportunity to hear from other members of Congress at a luncheon and was able to observe a session of the Ohio Senate.

'With the recent elections completed, there was no shortage of discussion at the Statehouse,' said Messner. ''Bringing Life Back to the Economy of Ohio,' 'Affordable Health Insurance,' 'Minimum Wage' and 'Alternative Fuel Sources' were topics of discussion throughout the day.'

While in Columbus, Messner gained valuable insight into the current situation of Ohio and what strategies can improve its condition. 'It is easy to simply blame the leaders of our state for any mistakes that happen, while I feel that there is a certain amount of initiative that needs to be taken by the citizens,' said Messner. 'We have the ability to make the most out of every situation and as a whole, work to make Ohio thrive once again.'

Messner, who plans to attend law school, also learned how these public officials balance time between work, community and family.

Advice Messner gained from the visit is the potential experience one can gain from an internship. 'They continually stressed the importance of internships and the overall experience which will help set you above your competition.'

Messner, who also had the opportunity to travel and work in South Africa this past summer, also realizes the importance of public service in our society. 'Last year's introduction of The Center for Public Service by Dr. Jack DeSario, professor of political science, had a great deal of influence on my desire to become involved in public service,' said Messner. 'My level of awareness has dramatically increased as I realize how much I have taken for granted in my own life as well as areas of need that exist in our country.'

Messner, who hopes to become involved in politics on a state or national level, believed this program was a great opportunity of which to participate. 'While I gained valuable information and personal words of wisdom,' said Messner, 'I also came out of the event with valuable contacts. For anyone interested in a career in public service or curious as to how the Ohio legislation process takes place, this opportunity should not be passed up.'

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