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Mount Union professors really make an effort to get to know their students and build relationships with them.

MAAC and Intramural Policies

MAAC Policies

Assumption of Risk
Participation in intramural and recreation programs is voluntary.  Mount Union College and Campus Recreation are not responsible for injuries sustained while participating in program activities or using the recreation facilities.  Participate at your own risk.

Care of Injuries
First aid treatment is available to participants in the Recreation Center and treatment is also available during most intramural contests.  Any participant who is bleeding must resolve the situation immediately.  The participant is not allowed in the workout area until the bleeding has stopped and the injured area is covered.  Injuries must be reported to the supervisor on duty so an injury report can be completed.   Campus security can be reached at 330.428.1344.

Permissible Users
The Recreation and Wellness Center is available to all current students, faculty, staff, Board of Trustee members and emeritus professors. Participants must present a valid Purple Plus card to use the facility. Spouses and partners are also permitted to use the facility but must have a Purple Plus card. Children of faculty and staff members are permitted to use the facility as well. Children of faculty or staff members must sign in at the front desk. Children under the age of 16 and over the age of 24 are not permitted to use the Recreation Center without parental supervision. 

Guest Policy
A permissible recreation center user is permitted to bring one guest that is at least 18 years of age. The guest must present a form of identification and sign in at the front desk.  Violation of the policies by the guest could result in loss of privileges for the host.  The guest must sign out at the front desk when leaving the recreation center with the host.

Dress Code
The dress code policy will be enforced to prevent disease transmission and to protect the equipment.

  1. Must have proper footwear (tennis shoes).  No open toe shoe of any kind will be permitted. Sandals and flip-flops are allowed in pool area only.
  2. Must wear athletic shorts or pants.  No jeans, dress pants or jean shorts.
  3. Must wear shirts that cover the entire mid-section, chest and back/
  4. Must wear clothing that does not have offensive writing, profanity or pictures.
  5. Must bring a separate pair of athletic shoes during periods of rain and snow.

Electrical Storm Policy-Swimming Pool
The swimming pool will close in the event of a lightning storm.  The staff of the MAAC will act upon the recommendation of the National Lightning Safety Institute to close the swimming pool during an electrical storm.  When lightning is within 6-8 miles, the lifeguards and/or MAAC supervisors will evacuate the pool and swimmers can wait in the locker room area.  The showers will be unavailable while the pool is closed during the lightning storm.  Activities in the pool will resume 30 minutes after the last observed lightning.

Food and Beverages
Food and gum are not permitted in the Recreation Center.  Beverages in non-glass, spill proof containers are allowed. Alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted in the facility or used during intramural activities.

Only personal devices with head phones will be permitted.

Lost and Found
Items left in the Recreation Center will be given to campus security.

Equipment Guidelines

  1. Place belongings in the storage cubbies
  2. Ask for assistance from staff if not familiar with the exercise equipment
  3. Adhere to dress code policy
  4. Use proper spotting and lifting technique. Please do not drop weights on the ground
  5. Use collars for all free weight exercises
  6. Cardio equipment has a 30 minute limit if others are waiting
  7. Refrain from yelling, swearing, and grunting
  8. Refrain from spitting on the floor and in the water fountains
  9. Chalk is not allowed
  10. Wipe down equipment with paper towel and spray
  11. Return all weights and dumbbells
  12. Report to staff member if any equipment is not working properly

Violation of these guidelines may result in suspension from the Recreation Center

Sports Equipment Check Out/In
Recreation Center participants are allowed to check out indoor sports equipment.  Participant must sign the equipment out and return it to the front desk after use.  Participant will be responsible for lost or damaged equipment. 


  • Strollers and carriers are not allowed in the workout rooms.
  • Pets, bikes, cleats, and skateboards are not permitted in the Recreation Center.
  • Recreation staff reserve the right to ask students, faculty and staff members to leave the Recreation Center for violating policies.
  • Issues not covered in Policy Handbook will be addressed by the Director of Recreation and Dean of Students.

Intramural Policies


  • Intramural sports are open to current students, faculty and staff.  Participants must present Purple Plus card before each contest.
  • Faculty and staff members are encouraged to participate.
  • Current members of varsity and junior varsity athletic teams are not eligible to participate in the intramural sport for which they compete at the NCAA level.
  • An intramural team can have no more than 4 former varsity letterwinners in that corresponding sport participate on one intramural team.
  • The team captain is responsible for submitting an accurate roster form by the start of the activity.  
  • To be eligible, a participant’s name must be on the team roster form before the start of the activity.
  • Participants are only permitted to play on one team per intramural activity.
  • Participants may not play under an assumed name or with the use of another person’s Purple Plus card.
  • If team or participants are in violation of the policies listed above then they will run the risk of forfeiting contests.

Any team or participant who demonstrates poor sportsmanship will be removed from the contest.  The intramural program is designed for all members to have a fun, safe and enjoyable experience.  The team captain is responsible for the behavior of their team and fans.  Unsportsmanlike behavior includes:

  1. Vulgar and obscene language
  2. Arguing with officials
  3. Taunting opponents
  4. Pushing and fighting
  5. Cheating
  6. Offensive gestures and demonstrations

The intramural officials, supervisors and administrators can warn, penalize or eject players due to unsportsmanlike behavior.  Ejected participants must leave the contest area immediately.

If a player is ejected from a contest, the player is suspended for one game and must have a meeting with the Director of Recreation before the next contest.

Care of Injuries
First aid treatment is available during most intramural contests.  Any player who is bleeding must leave the game immediately.  A player is not eligible to return until the bleeding has stopped and the injured area is covered.  Any injury must be reported to the supervisor on duty so an injury report can be completed. Campus security can be reached at 330.428.1344.

Cancellations/Schedule Changes
The Intramural Coordinator will contact captains for any schedule changes, adjustments or cancellations.

Contest will be declared a forfeit if one team does not have enough players to compete at the time of the event.  A 10-minute grace period will be given by the official.  When neither team has enough players then a double forfeit will be declared.  Three forfeits by the same team will result in elimination from the activity.

The Recreation Office will supply equipment for all contests.  If equipment is lost or damaged, the participant will pay for replacement.  If participants want to use their own equipment then the equipment must be checked by the director, supervisor or official before use. 

Dress Code
Participants must wear clothing that does not have offensive writing, profanity or pictures.  Tennis or basketball shoes must be worn on the indoor courts.  Metal spikes will not be allowed on the intramural fields.  Necklaces will not be allowed during intramural basketball, flag football, inter-tube water polo and ultimate frisbee.

Alcohol and Tobacco
Alcohol and tobacco products are not permitted to be used during intramural activities.

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