Macrinos Wins Intercollegiate Student Debates

November 21, 2016

ALLIANCE, Ohio- On November 16, the University of Mount Union held its annual Student Debate in Chapman Hall. The debate topic was “Women in America are unduly discriminated against in regard to social, political, and professional life.”

There were seven students debating the issue, the ones that agreed with this statement were four sophomores, Melissa Shoemaker, Spencer Whyte, Stephanie Macrinos, and Ben Mullaly. They argued that the evidence of women being undulling discriminated was clearly in the statistics and the unequal pay women receive is more than enough evidence.

“Do any of you recall the pink tax, it is basically a higher price on merchandise that can be sold to men and women, but women are forced to pay higher prices because of their gender,” stated by Macrinos, further explaining her case.

The students that were not in agreement of the topic were made up of three seniors, Clinton W. Simmons, Alex Mills and Bridget Dennis. They confidently stated their case of the flaws in the topic, all in agreement, they believed that discrimination will always be around but there are not enough facts to state that its “unduly discrimination”.  

“Yes there is discrimination, yes women are not paid equally but us women cannot focus on the challenges up ahead we have to know that we are capable to persevere through are challenges, to say that the discrimination is unduly is absurd,” stated Dennis, as she defended her standing against the topic.

After the debate, students had the chance to elaborated on their standing in an open discussion, referred by the judges. The tension between the students reared its head as they questioned one another.

The top three debaters were rewarded with cash prizes. Macrinos came in first place and was rewarded $70, $60 was rewarded to the second place winner Whyte and the third place winner was Dennis, she received $50. Other prizes that were sponsored by Mount Union’s Offices of Marketing and Alumni Relations were rewarded to fourth place, Simmons and to fifth place, Mullaly. All of the students received certificates for participating.

The debate was organized by, Dr. Santosh Saha, associate professor of history. Serving as moderator was Dr. Lee Gray, professor of geology and Dr. Michael Zwilling, professor and department chair of mathematics served as chief judge and scorer.

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