Joseph MacBenn M '15

Major: MAEL
Hometown:Lima, OH

The MAEL Program fit my educational needs and plans for the future, and I knew Mount Union was a quality school with a great reputation.

MAEL Internship Project

The University of Mount Union’s Master of Arts in Educational Leadership degree requires a yearlong internship project designed for working professionals. Graduate students, working with school partners and University faculty, will design meaningful projects in the area of leadership and curriculum.

Mount Union’s MAEL graduate internship fosters multiple facets of leadership, including:

  • Improving schools
  • Supporting teaching and learning
  • Building community and a collaborative culture

Mount Union’s MAEL graduate internship project offers:

  • Diverse experiences in a variety of educational settings
  • The opportunity to put theory into practice
  • Participation in many wide-ranging leadership activities as a school administrator in both administrative and supervisory roles
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