Dr. Mandy Geddis Capel

Teaching Area(s): Education

My favorite place on campus is the sidewalk.  To me, the sidewalks on campus are where the true spirit of Mount Union exists.

Licensure Options

Ohio Principal’s License and CIPD License (Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development)
As part of the University of Mount Union’s Master of Educational Leadership 36-credit-hour program, students have the option to sit for the Ohio Principal’s License (PK-6, 4-9 and 5-12) and/or the CIPD License (Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development). The Ohio Principal’s Licensure and/or a CIPD Licensure combined with Mount Union’s MAEL degree are designed to build highly successful leaders in education. Mount Union’s MAEL program also helps P–12 educators and administrators develop the innovative curriculum and instruction expertise needed to increase teacher effectiveness while also improving student success.

The Ohio Principal’s Licensure allows you to pursue a career as a:

  • Principal
  • Head or division head of school for independent schools
  • Teacher leader
  • Department head
  • Grade level team leader
  • Leadership position at any non-profit organization

The CIPD License allows you to:

  • Work in a central office or supervisory capacity
  • Become a highly-successful curriculum director
  • Effectively lead teachers in their professional development
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