"Making It Count" Speaker Encourages Students at Convocation

June 01, 2010

Alan Rhea, "Making it Count" speaker and president of Synergy Training Solutions, presented "Making College Count" at convocation on Thursday, September 4 to Mount Union College students, faculty and staff in the Mount Union Theatre.

Students listen attentively to speaker Alan Rhea at convocation.
During the presentation, Rhea spoke about ways students can plan for success during their college career. He also talked about the difference between just having potential and actually demonstrating it, eight skills that potential employers, graduate and professional schools look for, and study and time management tips.

Rhea used the booklet "Unleashing your Inner Monster" to supplement the presentation.

He encouraged students to use the booklet to write their reasons for attending school, personal goals for college and job goals. "Give your best effort in the classroom, with campus activities and jobs," he urged. "There are only 24 hours in a day, so make the most of the time you have."

Rhea speaks to over 25,000 high school and college students a year through the "Making it Count" program. He is an alumnus of Augustana College in Illinois.

For more information on "Making It Count," visit the website at www.makingitcount.com.

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