Zak Suhar '13

Major: Management/Spanish
Job Title: Associate Account Strategist

There are many things that are measured during the interview process, one of which is "Googleyness." Working at Google is very fun because the people are so awesome, everyone comes from such diversified backgrounds, so there's never a lack of energy and excitement.

Management Learning Objectives

The major in management within the department of Economics, Accounting, and Business Administration is a broad field of study within business administration which will prepare students for a career in business that could take many directions. Entry-level positions in sales, purchasing, supply management, quality control, retail management, and many more are open to students with this with a business manage degree. Students majoring in management will also be prepared to pursue graduate education in business upon graduation or at a later point in time.

The management major requirements combine theory and practice so that students will be prepared for a business career today and in the future. Courses will often include realistic projects so that students will have the ability to apply business theory to real situations. In addition, majors in management are required to complete an experiential learning experience in the form of an internship, a service project, or an educational activity outside the United States. The combination of classroom, project, and experiential leaning will produce graduates prepared for a successful career in an increasinly global business environment.


Management Learning Objectives:

  • Students will demonstrate their knowledge of business and management principles
  • Students will demonstrate critical-thinking and problem solving skills
  • Students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of the global environment in which businesses operate
  • Students will demonstrate an awareness of their own values
  • Students will demonstrate a sense of responsibility and a capacity for service
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to recognize when change is needed, adapt to change as it occurs, and lead change
  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of their personal interests, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses as the pertain to their chose career field
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