Mandy Wise '15

Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: North Canton, OH

Future Occupational Therapist

Member of the Women's tennis team, Alpha Phi Omega, Exercise Science Club, Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society, Anatomy Tutor, Student Success Mentor

A Home (Not Far) Away From Home
I live close to Mount and was familiar with the University. However, the tennis coaches and some current students reached out to me to explore the University further. When I stepped on campus, I knew this was my school. The campus was absolutely beautiful and the buildings, specifically the labs, had state-of-the-art equipment which is extremely rare at such a small university. I liked the variety of majors to choose from and believed I could come in undecided and still graduate in four years with all the resources offered. Being able to balance school and athletics was also important for me and it seemed that the professors and coaches worked well with the students to make this happen.

More than Just a Number
That’s a tie between the relationships with the professors and being able to go anywhere on campus and see at least one friendly face! I never feel like I am just a number with my professors, but that they actually care about us. They go out of their way to get to know their students outside of the classroom and you often see them at different sporting events or activities around campus.

My Favorite Place
My favorite place on campus is the patio outside of KHIC. It is the perfect place to study on a beautiful day or just sit in between classes and chat with my friends while enjoying the beautiful campus scenery!

Exceptional Opportunities
Mount Union is different from other colleges because of the small community atmosphere the school offers. The school offers plenty of research opportunities and internships that are comparable to larger institutions, but with closer interactions with professors. The professors are always willing to offer a helping hand and want to see students succeed. My professors have given me multiple opportunities to network with professionals in my field and in other laboratories. These connections have allowed us to further our own research. Experiencing our own discoveries first-hand exposes us to bumps in the road and how to handle them as well as preparing us for what we will encounter in our future career paths.

Why Exercise Science
Coming to Mount, I was undecided on a major. I took Introduction to Exercise Science as a freshman simply because it looked interesting and the rest is history! I fell in love with the major and the fact that there were so many paths to take with it. I especially liked the professors in my department. All are outgoing, make the material understandable despite its difficulty and are always willing to offer sound advice for whatever problem we present them.

Hands-On Experience
My favorite hands-on experience has been doing actual research in the ES lab on the effects of VIA instant coffee on anaerobic performance. The entire process was a learning experience from beginning to end, but it is super cool to be the first to discover something no one else has yet.

Stepping Out of the Shadow
I completed more than 120 hours of shadowing at occupational therapy facilities last summer and that was extremely eye-opening. I learned different tricks of the trade, received advice from professionals in the field and made connections for the future. But more importantly it instilled a great passion in me for what I want to do post-graduation.

Favorite Class
My favorite class was Scholarship in Exercise Science. We learned the entirety of the research process, culminating in completing research of our own. Even after the class has finished we are continuing this experience by working on publishing our findings. I learned so much about research skills that are easily transferrable to my other classes, but will also help prepare me for the work in graduate school.

Favorite Professor
I cannot pick between any of my ES professors, they are all my favorites! Each one of them have challenged me academically in their classes, offered me endless advice and presented me with numerous opportunities for research, publications, presentations and hands-on experiences to help me in my future. No matter how busy their schedules are, they always make time for their students – always having an open door.

Dream Job
My ultimate career goal is to become either a pediatric or rehabilitation occupational therapist. I love to help people and OT will allow me to do just that. I find pride and enjoyment in making someone’s day just a little easier or brighter, which is exactly why this profession is such a rewarding career path.

I took Introduction to Exercise Science as a freshman simply because it looked interesting and the rest is history! I fell in love with the major and the fact that there were so many paths to take with it.

To The Top!