Marciano Bagnoli Selected for German Internship

February 01, 2013

ALLIANCE, Ohio — For some Mount Union graduates, life after college is an opportunity to explore the world.

Upon graduation, University of Mount Union senior Marciano Bagnoli will do just that as he heads to Germany to work as a paid intern with the Cultural Vista’s “Internship Program in Germany.” Bagnoli will begin the six-month internship in July and will have the option to extend the internship for a year.

Bagnoli, the son of Enzo and Brenda Bagnoli of Louisville, OH, was encouraged to apply for the very competitive program by his German professor, Dr. Mark Himmelein.

“I was certainly very pleased to learn that Marciano had been awarded the internship in Germany – he’s quite deserving,” Himmelein said. “The program is excellent, and I am certain that it will be a very positive experience for him. Nowadays business, education, science and research are all global, and an opportunity like this in Germany will help his career.”

Though he is a physics major, Bagnoli was required to take foreign language courses while at Mount Union and found it to be a subject he enjoyed.

“This opportunity is a real testament to the liberal arts education,” Bagnoli said. “If I didn’t take German, I wouldn’t have found out about the internship program.”

“Pairing together the study of German with any major at Mount Union opens doors for students, and Marciano’s placement in this internship program illustrates the benefit of developing language and intercultural skills,” Himmelein said.

Bagnoli will be placed in a science-related field for his internship, but he will have plenty of opportunities to practice his German skills as well. Since he never studied abroad while at Mount Union, Bagnoli looks forward to having an international experience after graduation.

Bagnoli said attending Mount Union has helped him learn to work with different types of people.

“When I lived in McCready Hall, I was constantly surrounded by people who were working on something different than me,” he said. “You’d see someone working on a project that was completely unrelated to what you were doing but it was still very cool. You learn the skills to be adaptable in any situation.”

While at Mount Union, Bagnoli took advantage of a variety of extracurricular activities available. He performed in a number of theatre productions, did standup comedy at local coffeehouses and took music courses out of sheer interest.

“When you’re around all these different things, you kind of absorb it,” he said. “You can go out and not be afraid to try something new.”

Bagnoli also looks forward to trying new things and traveling to new places while in Germany. He’ll live in his own apartment and will have the freedom to travel in his free time.

“I’m looking forward to learning the language, making friends in a foreign country and having a fresh start,” he said.

While he looks forward to a new adventure, Bagnoli noted that he will miss the people at Mount Union once he graduates.

“At Mount Union, I’m not afraid to email my professors or ask my friends for help and they will help me,” he said. “No one at Mount Union will leave you like a fish out of water. That’s what’s going to be a little sad about leaving. I will have to find new people to build those relationships with.”

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