Marcus L. Smith '88 Featured in Money Magazine

January 27, 2014

Marcus L. Smith ’88 doesn’t shy away from challenges.

Smith, who majored in computer science while at Mount Union, took a class from Dr. Patricia (Foley ’73) Matthews, professor of finance and health care management, as an upperclassman and was impressed with her dynamic teaching style.

“I took several classes of hers and she made business come to life and sparked my interest in business,” he said.

It was this interest that eventually led Smith to earn a Master of Business Administration degree and go on to be a top performing equity portfolio manager for MFS Investment Management. Smith was recently featured in CNN’s Money Magazine Investor’s Guide. He and three others were selected for the article based on outperforming foreign stock benchmarks over the past 10 years.

In his role with MFS Investment Management, Smith works with international funds including USAA International Fund, which was selected as one of the best in the last 10 years.

“I was humbled to be asked to participate in the article,” Smith said. “I work in a pretty objective business, so when you’re doing a good job people can see because your numbers are there.”

After graduating from Mount Union, Smith worked for Accenture as a computer programmer for several years for various businesses. In this role, he found he had more of an interest in the financial part of the job and decided to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree. He has since worked internationally in London and Singapore and now lives in Sharon, MA.

Smith said working as an equity portfolio manager is similar to computer programming in several ways.

“In both cases you’re trying to solve a problem,” he said. “With stock analysis you’re trying to figure out what a stock is worth based on all of the information. I draw on the accounting classes I took at Mount Union and the information I learned in business school.”

Smith encourages today’s students to choose something they love as a career.

“I love the type of analysis I do,” he said. “I love solving problems and that love led me from computer programming to money management. I would encourage students to seek out the tough professors because sometimes those are the ones you learn the most from.”

He also believes in taking risks and challenging oneself.

“I’ve never shied away from difficult tasks,” Smith said. “It’s worthwhile to take risks in life. Stretching yourself is always important. You find that you do better than you thought you were going to and opportunities open up that you wouldn’t have dreamed of.”

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