Marissa Saley '17

Major: Sport Business
Hometown: Wakeman, Ohio

Future Facility Manager

Minors: Business Administration and Chinese

Run-A-Muc Student Director, member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Sports Business Association, Bible Study and Concert Choir


From Softball to School
I have played softball my whole life. Softball is my passion. So in high school, I was trying to be recruited by a college team. Mount Union first saw me play at a Zanesville tournament. After that, they followed me around and got my attention. When I visited for the first time, I absolutely fell in love with the campus. Everyone was super friendly and I loved the small campus. I chose Mount Union because I got the opportunity to play softball here, but stayed at Mount Union because of the close family aspect. Once a Raider, always a Raider.

Raider Pride
I enjoy the school spirit that everyone seems to have- including myself. I see Raider pride every day on campus from the student body and that pride continues to shine in every alumna I have met. It’s reassuring that the Mount Union pride I have now, will stay with me forever.

We Live for Each Other
Alpha Delta Pi makes Mount Union feel like a second home to me. I have been a sister of Alpha Delta Pi since the fall of my freshmen year and it has given me so many friends and connections. Some of my favorite people belong to my diamond family and have ultimately helped me transition into college life- instead of trying to figure things out by myself, I had 70+ women all different grades and ages to stand by my side. Through Alpha Delta Pi, I always have a friend by my side, a study buddy and someone who isn’t afraid to go get Sheetz with me at midnight.

Dedicated Faculty and Staff
Mount Union is different from other schools because the faculty and staff will do anything to help you succeed in your field of choice. My experience with the Mount Union faculty has been wonderful. My professors have passed along internship opportunities to me, have sat down with me to talk about my passions and have helped me create a guiding path.

Research before Deciding
My advice to prospective students is that you need to really research the colleges on your college list. I believe that if you feel like you want to go home every weekend, you might have chosen the wrong school. You should love being on campus with your friends and participating in campus events. You want to love your college experience, and a lot of the fun campus events happen over the weekend. I know I chose the right school because I never go home unless it’s a break. I love every second I am here and I never want to leave.

Internship Opportunities
I have received so many internship opportunities with the help of my professors and Mount Union! I have interned for Mount’s Intramural program, as well as, two minor league baseball teams (Lake County Captains and Mahoning Valley Scrappers). I also interned with Ragnar Trail Relay and I have been the Student Director of Mount’s annual homecoming 5K Run-A-Muc.  My favorite experience so far was the Ragnar Trail Relay. I was in Dillon State Park for 5 days as the Gear Drop Manager. This position was very stressful and busy, but I learned so much about stress management and developing customer service qualities. I have always been an outdoorsy person so I loved being in the woods for five days and being with some great people!

Favorite Professor
My favorite professor would be Dr. Lori Braa. She is not only one of my professors, but she is also my advisor. She makes class so fun while still keeping it educational. She is the person who introduced me to recreation. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know if I would have discovered my passion on my own. She has helped shaped me into a great, hardworking student and future professional.

From College to Career
My ultimate career goal is to work in the recreation department on a college campus. Mount Union is preparing me for the future by providing hands-on experience in and out of the classroom. The Sports Business program is very focused on real-life experience and every project, presentation or paper I must write, prepares me for the future. This program is also unique because I am required to complete two practicums. This gives me hands on experience in the work field and because of all the opportunities I’ve completed with the guidance of my professors, I have built up a solid resume before I have even graduated.

Marissa Saley '17

“Mount Union is different from other schools because the faculty and staff will do anything to help you succeed in your field of choice”

Fun Facts

Where is you favorite travel destination?
Disney World (totally a kid at heart)
What is your favorite quote/motto?
"Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game."
What did you want to be when you were a kid?
A History teacher.
Do you prefer Macs or PCs?
What is your favorite app?
I'm slightly addicted to Instagram.
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