Mary-Kate Kendel '19

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Euclid, Ohio

Minor: Chinese
Member of Alpha Chi Omega

Future English as a second language teacher

Choosing Close to Home
I love Mount Union because it is far enough from home that I am surrounded by new faces, but it’s also not too far that if I need to go home for anything I can. I also love that Mount Union is a smaller school.

Tuition Transfer
I attend Mount Union on the tuition transfer program because my mom works at Case Western Reserve University. I knew that I was going to attend a school that worked with the tuition transfer program, but it was my visit to Mount Union that helped me solidify my decision. My first ever campus visit was after final exams when no one was really on campus and it was raining, but I knew Mount was the school for me.

Dedicated Professors
I love how dedicated the professors are to their students. You really get a sense that the professors are dedicated to you when they know you by name and know you on a personal level.

A Second Home
The overall atmosphere on Mount Union’s campus just feels like home. I don’t think of Mount Union as a campus with students, I look at Mount Union as a family. Coming to Mount Union, you will get to know people from every sports team, club and major. Mount Union is so invested in its students’ lives and educations and you can really feel that when you are here. It’s such a hard feeling to describe, but once you’ve experienced living and going to school at Mount Union you will understand.

Adjusting to College Life
Joining Alpha Chi Omega gave me a place of support. My sorority helps me if I was going through problems in my personal life, struggling with academics. They are always my shoulder to lean on and have helped me really find myself here at Mount Union.

Switching Majors
During my sophomore year, I discovered I no longer wanted to study Sport Business. I decided I wanted to teach English in a foreign country such as Honduras or China. It was when I took a humanities class on the history of China that I realized I wanted to work in another country.

Choosing Marketing
I decided that paired with my Chinese minor, a major in a business field would be a smart career move. I have always done projects that relate to marketing growing up, so it seemed like a natural fit for me.

Future Career
My ultimate career goal is to teach English as a second language in either Honduras or China. I am learning about not only how to market products or brands, but I am learning how to market myself. When looking for a teaching job, especially in another country, it will not be easy. So knowing how to market myself to a company in hopes of being hired will be a key skill for me to have.

Mary-Kate Kendel

You really get a sense that the professors are dedicated to you when they know you by name and know you on a personal level.

Fun Facts

Where is your favorite travel destination?
San Francisco de Yojoa, Honduras
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