Dr. Gerald Wuchter

Teaching Area(s): Mathematics

While many smaller colleges offer the traditional liberal arts majors, Mount Union has recently developed a number of programs that are relevant to today’s societal demands in the health sciences. Our department now offers a degree in financial mathematics.


Mathematics is a growing and diverse field. According to the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), one of the many benefits of studying mathematics is the wide-range of career options it offers. In fact, the MAA indicates that a 2009 study showed that the top three best jobs in terms of income and other factors were careers related to the field of mathematics, and another survey indicates that mathematics is the common element among the top 15 highest-earning college degree programs.

The mathematics major at the University of Mount Union opens many doors in terms of available opportunities after graduation. Whether you choose to enter the business world and job market right after graduation, to complete our CAEP accredited Teacher Education Program and become a certified math teacher, or choose to pursue graduate studies, Mount Union will help provide you with a solid foundation for a bright and successful future.

Bedford High School
Tallmadge City Schools

State University of New York – Buffalo
University of Pittsburgh
Case Western Reserve University
Johns Hopkins University
University of Akron
Kent State University
Ohio State University

Actuarial Science
Computer Science
Operations Research

100% of Mathematics majors from the classes of 2010-2014 were able to start a degree-required career or were accepted to graduate school within 6 months of graduation. (from a survey with 83% self-reporting)
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