Matt Fitchet '18

Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: North Kingsville, Ohio

Future Physical Therapist

Member of the football team and track & field

Minor: Biology


Choosing Mount Union
I chose to attend Mount Union not only because of sports, but also because it made me feel the most at home. I also really liked how good the academics were to pursue my career and how well the professors worked with you and communicated with you. I also liked how close-knit the campus body is and how close the general community of Alliance is with the school.

Dedicated Professors
I would say how well the professors work with you is what I like most about Mount Union. If you put in the work and try really hard, they will do anything they can to help you. They meet you after class, during office hours and even outside of office hours.

Favorite Spot on Campus
I would say the football field is my favorite spot on campus because football was the first thing that brought me to Mount Union on a visit. When I got here, I realized how great it was outside of sports. Also, I made a lot of great friends from football.

Leaving a Legacy
The legacy I want to leave at Mount Union is a great student athlete who is very hard working and tries to be the best in every aspect on and off the field. I want everyone to remember me as fun and a big, goofy lineman/thrower that everybody enjoys hanging out with. I also want people to know that I kept the Mount Union tradition going, which is making great new friends, getting a great education and enjoying all four years with the campus community.

Advice to Prospective Students
The advice I would give to prospective students would be to enjoy the campus life and get involved. Mount Union has so much to offer outside of academics. For example, there are sports, Greek life, clubs, studying abroad, wilderness trips and much more. Become a part of the Mount Union family while doing something you really like to do, and you will meet some of your best friends there.

A Love for Exercise Science
I chose exercise science as my major because I enjoy working out and learning about how the body works while exercising. I also love helping people, so to be able to help people properly work out would be an honor. I would also like to go on to graduate school to become a physical therapist, and I feel that exercise science is a great undergraduate major to pursue for physical therapy.

Favorite Class
My favorite class so far would be Human Movement. The reason being is I loved learning all the muscles in the body and where their origins and insertions are. This is what I need to know for when I go to graduate school and become a physical therapist to help people recover their muscles and get back on their feet.

Helpful Professors
I would not say that I have a specific professor who is my favorite—I would say the whole exercise science department. The professors make learning and class fun. They provide you with information to be successful and are willing to help you succeed in any way possible. They are also very kind and funny and really assure you that you chose the right major and that it is the correct career path for you

Matt Fitchet Exercise Science

The professors make learning and class fun. They provide you with information to be successful and are willing to help you succeed in any way possible.

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