Matt Gorman '16

Major: English and Writing
Hometown: Hartville, OH

Future Editor

Member of Concert Choir, Calliope and Center for Writing and Oral Communication Consultant


Family Ties
I knew about Mount Union because of my father, who worked there and would often bring me onto campus. I learned more about, and gained a different perspective of, Mount from my older brother, a Mount graduate.

Faculty Connection
Because Mount is a smaller school, I feel the student/professor bond is more easily formed, and stronger than it would be if each professor sought after 100 students in one class. I chose Mount for the personal connections that could be made between the faculty and the student body.

Favorite Things at Mount
I love the walk back home after Late Night and how the lamps are a faded orange color. The campus view is lovely night and day. I am especially fond of the faculty and staff. It’s nice to know their sincerity and care for our well-being is genuine. I haven’t met anyone here (student or faculty) who I can say anything bad about. That’s what I like most, the friendliness of people here.

Mount Union is Different
Mount gives an equal opportunity to anyone interested in a club, regardless of the level of their ability or their skill. The choir is made up of more than just music majors. The same goes for the band, theatre and sports. It is very easy to get involved here.

Helping me Succeed in Life
The new curriculum focuses on improving students’ speaking and people skills. Professors also take time out of their day to sit down for a conversation with me. They encourage me to pursue my goals and show me ways of achieving them by talking about career paths, choices, plans, back-up plans, and even back-up plans for the back-up plans.

Double Majoring
I love to read and I love to write and I couldn’t decide which one was more important. Because neither one of them can trump the other, I decided to double major in English and writing instead of majoring in one and minoring in the other. There’s an infinite amount of information in this world, and these areas of interest are ones I’d like to spend a lifetime studying.

I really enjoy working at the CWOC. First off, Dr. Cordaro is a fun and intelligent professor and director. I’ve learned a lot about writing and consulting in just a short eight-week training period because of her. I also like working one-on-one with other students showing them what I know about writing, helping them become better writers, and consequently, also making me a better writer at the same time. Working at the CWOC leaves me satisfied; it’s a learning experience that I enjoy a great deal and can see myself pursuing after graduation.

My Favorite Class
My favorite class (a difficult decision for me) was Introduction to Creative Writing with Dr. Schwartz because it gave an in-depth introduction to several genres of writing. I was able to practice my writing style with each of these genres and receive constructive and valued feedback from Dr. Schwartz and my classmates on the pieces that I produced. I’m proud to say that some of my writing pieces that came out of that class I’m quite pleased with.

Every professor who I’ve come in contact with has influenced me in some way, from my FYS instructor Dr. Paul Tidman to my last class of the fall semester instructor, Dr. Michelle Collins-Sibley. I’ve learned valuable information – not even just academic, but life lessons and tips and stories – from all of them. I also rather enjoy company with Dr. Grant Cook, Dr. Rodney Dick, and Dr. Gwen Schwartz.

Diverse Knowledge
Combining a liberal arts education with professional preparation is a way for someone to be knowledgeable about a variety of things and not just one particular area that pertains specifically to their field. A liberal arts education is like an adjustable wrench. What plumber is going to have dozens of different sizes of wrenches in their toolbox when they can just have one that is flexible to the work situation? Professional preparation is important because it trains you specifically with the desired career field but combining it with a liberal arts education gives way to knowledge about several different areas of study that could be useful at any given moment.

My Life Goal
After taking the Professional Writing course with Dr. Rodney Dick, I’ve realized that what I would love to do for my career (at least for a decent amount of time) is to assist in the publishing process of new fictional writing as an editor or simply just be involved in the publishing house. I love to read and discuss books. There aren’t many things that I enjoy more than reading someone else’s piece of writing and helping them improve it. My dream in life is to be happy; my goal is to achieve this by simply reading, editing, publishing and writing.


Combining a liberal arts education with professional preparation is a way for someone to be knowledgeable about a variety of things and not just one particular area.

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