Matt Spalding '12

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Strongsville, Ohio

Why did you choose to pursue your degree?
I choose to pursue computer science because the field is ever expanding. It is a challenging major that will test my skills of problem solving and thinking logically through those problems.

What types of jobs are available for students who share your major?

Jobs that are available range greatly for my major. They range from IT support to working as part of a team to designing operating systems. People may also work with a team on developing video games. There are people whose whole career is dedicated to just making the internet work faster and more efficiently.

 How will you use your degree upon graduation?
I will most likely go to graduate school upon graduation. After that I will pursue a career in which I am part of a team working on developing programs, whatever they may be.

What activities are you involved in?
I am currently involved in playing for the Mount Union football team and Honors in the Major Program, but I am looking to find other organizations to join in order to expand my involvement.

What elements should a person possess in order to succeed in your major?

People should possess problem solving abilities and patience. Many times the first way of trying to solve an issue does not work or there are modifications that need to be done. The person who is trying to solve these problems must keep a cool head to figure them out or they will never get anywhere with their programs.  People also need good teamwork skills because, in most situations, the person will be working with a larger team in order to accomplish their goals.


Matt Spalding

My advice to anyone considering my field is to be ready for an ever changing field because computer science is constantly evolving. Be prepared to change and adapt or you will be left behind on the latest versions of every computer technology.

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