James Shaffer

James Shaffer II '18

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown:Navarre, Ohio

Mount Union is preparing me for that by providing an engineering education that is both hands on and a focus on communication skills.

Campus Sustainability Projects

Mechanical Engineering students in Dr. Shehla Arif’s Sustainable Energy class were tasked with proposing ideas and advancing them to a “proof of concept” stage to help create a larger presence of sustainability on Mount Union’s campus. There were four groups on students in the first class in 2016. These proposals are hoped to be refined by students in future classes, with the possibility of implementing feasible projects in the future.


Compressed Air Vehicles

The goal of this group was to help minimize the amount of fossil fuels used on golf carts when performing small tasks on campus. By retrofitting the current models with the appropriate engine, all of the current tasks can be done with slightly less power, but lowering the campus’ carbon footprint.

Students in this group were Andrew Milhoan ’16, Jason Shar ’16 and Nathan Levengood ’16.


Thermophilic Digester

Finding productive uses for food and environmental waste on Mount Union’s campus created the idea for the thermophilic digester. The intent of the digester is to collect food, leaves, grass clippings or other waste and convert it into fuel. If successfully implemented, the digester will reduce 600 pounds of waste daily and keep approximately 516 kilograms or carbon dioxide form being released into the air.

Students in this group were Gavin Rundell ’16, Megan Klinect ’16 Brian Lipovits ’16 and Joe Angeli ’16.


Sustainable Pool Heating System

Having a very active campus and a record-setting men’s and women’s swimming and diving team means the pool at Mount Union gets frequent use. Using a solar panel thermal system, this group would decrease the depletion of natural resources to heat the pool and increase sustainability using renewable resources, thus creating a payback in expenses in seven years.

Students in this group were Andrew Dorman ’16, Mike Furda ’16 and Tanner Roller ’16.


Energizing the Natatorium

Also utilizing the pool, this group of seniors went a different direction than the heating system group. The intent of this idea is to take the kinetic energy from

swimmers pushing off of the pool wall that would be retrofitted with removable impact plates and convert it into reusable energy to help power the MAAC. The energy would be harnessed through a turbine that would be more cost-effective than a windmill or solar panel.

Students in this group were Jesse Cassidy ’17, Nathan Lorah ’16, Ryan Schroer ’16 and Glenn Hatala ’16.

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