Dr. Osama Jadaan

Teaching Area(s): Engineering

On Mount Union’s campus, the engineering faculty and I are collaborating to create a civil and mechanical engineering curricula geared for the future that addresses industrial needs. Our engineering curricula emphasizes two main things that industry wants: hands-on education and the ability to communicate effectively.

Mechanical Engineering Facilities and Equipment

The Mechanical Engineering Program is housed in the Engineering and Business (EBB) Building at the University of Mount Union, Alliance, Ohio. The space dedicated to the Mechanical Engineering Program includes three teaching laboratories that are shared by the faculty for multiple courses in Mechanical Engineering and a machine shop. A summary of the major equipment that is used by the Mechanical Engineering Program for course work and for projects associated with the courses:

Lab name and size

Equipment and hardware


Related Courses


Engineering Computer Lab – EBB201 (974 ft2)


Engineering Computer Laboratory containing 20 computers, one instructor station, laser printer, HP wide design jet printer, and two flat screen TVs. Engineering students can access the Computer Lab 24/7. Appendix C includes the available engineering software.

  • AutoCAD
  • Mechanical 3D
  • Inventor
  • SolidWorks
  • RISA 2D
  • RISA 3D
  • Abaqus
  • Altair HyperWorks
  • EES
  • PTC Creo
  • Siemens NX
  • Solid Edge
  • Working Model 2D
  • Mathematica
  • MS Office
  • EGE 120
  • EGE 210
  • EGE 310
  • EGE 310
  • EME 310
  • EME 330
  • EME 480
  • EME 490


Mechanical Systems Lab -EBB 102 (1300 ft2)

Statics and Dynamics Lab – Pulleys, trusses, strain gages, data acquisition via Matlab, oscilloscopes, wave generators, modal hammer, eight computers


Same as in EBB 201

  • EGE 120
  • EGE 210
  • EME 330
  • EME 410
  • EME 420

Weekdays. Seniors have access 24/7 to work on their projects.

Fluids and Thermal Sciences Lab - EBB 103 (1120 ft2)

Linear heat conduction test, radial heat conduction test, phase change test, flume test, wind tunnel, force of a jet,  test, extended surface heat transfer, hydraulic bench, nine computers

Same as in EBB 201

  • EGE 220
  • EME 320
  • EME 430
  • EME 480
  • EME 490
  • EME 440

Weekdays. Seniors have access 24/7 to work on their projects.

Mechanics and Materials Lab - EBB 113 (830 ft2)

Materials science, tensile testing, fatigue testing, torsion testing machine, hardness indentation, and furnaces, vibration shaker table, one computer, one laptop

Same as in EBB 201

  • EGE 230
  • EGE 240
  • EGE 450
  • EME 420

During Lab periods

Machine Shop and Fabrication Lab - EBB 116 (820 ft2)

Lathe, mill, welding equipment, cut-off saws


  • EGE 120
  • EME 480
  • EME 490

During class period. Seniors have access 24/7 after safety instructions and training with equipment.

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Mechanical Engineering Facilities and Equipments

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