Mechanical Engineering Major Stingel ‘17 Receives Prestigious Graduate Research Grant

April 24, 2017

Jon StingelALLIANCE – Senior mechanical engineering major Jon Stingel ’17 was recently awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship, a competitive and selective fellowship that provides funding for students to attend graduate school.

The grant application process combines elements of a typical job or college application with those that would commonly be used to request a research grant. It requires students to not only share their personal and career goals but also to develop a detailed research proposal.

“It was very different than any application I had previously filled out, as I had to structure and develop an original idea that could potentially contribute to a larger engineering and science knowledge base, as well as make a bigger impact in society,” Stingel explained.

Stingel will use this research fellowship to attend Stanford University, where he will pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. The grant will provide him with the funding necessary to begin lab work much earlier in his graduate career than he would have otherwise.

“Going into graduate school with the NSF fellowship is going to allow me so much freedom to explore new research areas and really discover where I can apply myself to contribute to engineering research,” Stingel said.

Stingel attributes his success to his family, professors and other mentors who have helped shape him as a person throughout his life. He also credits the fellowship grant with enabling his college education to continue. As undergraduate commencement approaches, Stingel looks forward to work at Stanford with some of the most distinguished professors in his field. 

“Being selected for the award is exciting, and I am very honored,” Stingel said. “It really affirms that I am pursuing the right career, and I cannot wait to immerse myself with hopes of contributing to research that can make a difference in the world.” 

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