Dr. Osama Jadaan

Teaching Area(s): Engineering

On Mount Union’s campus, the engineering faculty and I are collaborating to create a civil and mechanical engineering curricula geared for the future that addresses industrial needs. Our engineering curricula emphasizes two main things that industry wants: hands-on education and the ability to communicate effectively.

Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Project

Senior mechanical engineering majors at Mount Union participate in a year-long senior design capstone project as part of the EME 480 and EME 490 courses. Projects are team-based and give students an opportunity to complete hands-on, real-world, industry-oriented projects.

For example, the following are two capstone senior design projects that Mount Union mechanical engineering students worked on this year:

  • The Baja (UMU Baja) project – Mechanical engineering students designed and built an all-terrain vehicle from the ground up and will participate in an inter-university competition at the conclusion of the academic year. Students participate in a number of vehicular static and dynamic events during the competition. The project allowed students to apply what they learned in all previous courses in the major.
  • Industry-related project – Mechanical engineering students worked with a local company (MAC Trailer) to design and test airfairings that will assist that organization in achieving higher fuel efficiency. The first seniors to complete this project worked with local MAC Trailer to design aerodynamic fairings in order to reduce drag and improve performance of flatbed trailers.

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