Elizabeth Wheeler ‘16

Major: Interactive Media
Hometown:Minerva, OH

Everyone who offers to help has life experience and is happy to share it. I also enjoy getting to know new people here. The students, the faculty, the janitors and the security officers are all so nice and unique.

Interactive Media Learning Objectives

Career options for the interactive media major include web design, digital content creation, online media, interactive design and mobile media development. The department of computer science works cohesively with the department of art to create this innovative and integrative field of study.

Interactive media combines applied digital arts with computer systems development offering a unique mix of technical and creative study and practice. You will be taught by faculty committed to collaboration between computer science and other creative fields including art, music, design, dance and theatre.

Interactive media majors have the option to join student organizations such as the Society of Computing Students, Kappa Pi art honorary, Calliope literary and art magazine, Dynamo student newspaper, and Unonian student yearbook.

Computer Science and Information Systems Learning Objectives

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to extend current knowledge and/or skills to a computing environment or problem currently unknown to the student.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to solve problems in the discipline.
  • Students will demonstrate interpretive skills, including the ability to:  a) analyze data statistically, b) interpret results of experiments, c)  draw reasonable conclusions based on experimental results.
  • Students will learn and demonstrate standards of professional behavior, including rules of ethics and etiquette.
  • Students will develop and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a group on a common problem.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to search the relevant literature of the discipline to find information that addresses a specific problem.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to produce a technical document.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to give an effective presentation using visual aids and/or software demonstrations.

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