Megan Loetz '18

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Chardon, Ohio

Minors: Mathematics and Spanish
Member of Society of Women Engineers and Women's Track and Field

Future international engineer

Choosing Mount Union
I heard about Mount Union when I was contacted by the Head Track and Field Coach Kevin Lucas to come down for a visit. I chose to attend Mount Union because I instantly loved the college after my visit. I knew I wanted to study engineering at a small school and run track. 

Being a Student Athlete
What I like most about Mount Union is my track and field team. I love being a college athlete.  Every day, I look forward to going to practice because of my coaches and teammates. I could not ask for better coaches that push me to be a better student-athlete. I am so thankful to have supportive teammates that are also my best friends. The friends that I have made here at Mount Union have helped me adjust to college. I am so grateful to have met my best friends here. 

Advice to Future Raiders
I would tell prospective students to attend the college that they feel most comfortable at and feels like home. At Mount Union, every type of student can find their niche because there are so many activities that students can get involved in.  

Incredible Learning Opportunities
I am of part of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) which is a club for the women engineering majors at Mount Union. SWE’s mission is to encourage women to pursue successful careers in engineering. The club’s advisor is Dr. Shehla Arif who is an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering. As minorities in the engineering field, women face many challenges. Meetings consist of listening to guest speakers discuss their experiences in engineering and mentoring underclassmen. This club helps female engineering students pursue their careers by giving them academic and moral support. SWE is very beneficial to my professional and academic career.

Studying Abroad
My favorite was my study abroad experience. Last summer, I studied abroad in Costa Rica for five weeks. I took classes for my Spanish minor and lived down the street from the beach. I learned to surf, snorkeled in the ocean, hiked through the rainforest and saw a volcano. I learned all about the culture of Costa Rica while improving my Spanish. Costa Rica has a very relaxed and stress-free lifestyle. The food in Costa Rica is amazing, especially the ice cream. I studied with college students from across the United States and made many new friends. Studying abroad gave me a whole new perspective of the world that has helped me grow as a person. Overall, it was an incredible experience that I would do all over again if I could.  

Favorite Class with my Favorite Professor
My favorite class has been Statics and Dynamics so far taught by Dr. Osama Jadaan. We learned how to analyze static structures and particles in motion. In lab, we tested structures such as trusses. It was so fascinating to see how loads are distributed and to use physics and math to analyze forces. Dr. Jadaan made the content easier to grasp and more enjoyable. My favorite professor is Dr. Jadaan who is also my academic advisor and the chair of the Department of Engineering. He is a great professor and an accomplished engineer. He always makes class interesting by sharing his experiences working and consulting for NASA, John Deere and other engineering companies. He motivates me to work hard and pursue my dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer.  

Blended Education
A liberal arts education is valuable because it allows someone to have a more well-rounded college education. Having a more thorough education makes someone more prepared for their profession because they will be more cultured, think more critically, and have more knowledge outside of their major. A big part of engineering is problem solving and having a liberal arts degree makes a person able to think in different ways.

Ultimate Goals
My ultimate career goal would be to work internationally as an engineer. I want a career where I will be able to see different parts of the world and experience cultures. At Mount Union, I have been able to major in mechanical engineering and minor in Spanish. Last summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica. During junior year, engineers travel to either for Panama or Belize to complete an engineering project that is part of a semester long class.  All these opportunities will prepare me to work internationally. 

Megan Loetz

Studying abroad gave me a whole new perspective of the world that has helped me grow as a person.

Fun Facts

What is your favorite holiday?
Fourth of July because I love the summer, being with family and how patriotic it is.
What is your favorite quote/motto?
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” – Walter Bagehot
What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
Grey's Anatomy
What did you want to be as a kid?
A lawyer
What's your favorite app?
To The Top!